Mom teaches daughter diversity through travel

Vanessa and her 6-year-old daughter Laila Thompson turned their love of travel into a business to encourage Black families to see the world.
3:39 | 07/27/20

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Transcript for Mom teaches daughter diversity through travel
You're about to meet a six year old who has more stamps and her passports and most adults. Leila Thompson is in the 21 different countries and sixteen states with her mother Vanessa the mother daughter duo are encouraging other families to travel safely. And so the NASA and Leila I'll blameless luggage joining us now to tell us all about it to ladies welcome thanks for being with us and Vanessa. As a parent I know how hard it is at Hubble would young parent and young children to how did you get into traveling with your daughter so seamlessly. Thank you so much happy ass and who we are telling lyrics are slightly that seemed cool. In the majority chapel and after Iraq's struggle that she might shops loans and there it were your ears all over. Increasingly we are you an ashtray and number than months. I know it in the next six months we've ever. That is remarkable so label I have to ask you what do you like most about traveling with mom. That's a perfect answer I know. In a senior mother daughter trips have led to the creation of your company now Leila as luggage to tell us what inspired you to create this. Original many slightly the plant gates and ran over in higher my arms. It wasn't a me. And might want me or even growing. Amber liquid courage it's an alkaline. Ticks out much. Only once this year with. And then eventually just. Creating alliance it's. I mean he. Gains just. Occurred and it. And CI AE. I'll. Now I love that and Leila I was looking at the pictures you've been to so many places around the world do you have a favorite and why. Get bigger and wouldn't it. Is. Our hurt. You when her girls just I lie I loved. Hudson I think Paris is a very nice choice Leila I would have to agree with you are right and Vanessa obviously this pandemic. Has treated commissions for a lot of people but it hasn't stopped until you for making some necessary trips so. You mention you have a lot of kids what Tim Fuji good parents were traveling by plane with their family during these times. Right. She and we actually it I pray you are asking and they it's not ever on Thursday. And pleasantly surprised at it. They are. Mountain people in error or at eight he. Actually be playing each green art why it's. Twice. The required. And also. It just. Might ID. Or. Or. What ever makes the ball I know is a timer and I fine. So it's just seat let me she built the rest. It sure. Now and an aside only go without referencing the teacher ties CDU and Leila have your teaching your daughter at a healthy as well at a young age I see. Yet it's so important. Weird. We're Ukraine. And. Well we are certainly so happy that the two of you joined us today the nests Leila enjoy your travels I can't wait to see where you go to next. Thank you so much for having us.

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{"duration":"3:39","description":"Vanessa and her 6-year-old daughter Laila Thompson turned their love of travel into a business to encourage Black families to see the world.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72011945","title":"Mom teaches daughter diversity through travel","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/mom-teaches-daughter-diversity-travel-72011945"}