St. Louis mayor responds to uptick in violent crime

Lyda Krewson outlined her plan for fighting COVID-19, supporting families dealing with virtual schooling and the need for sensitive policing.
4:10 | 08/07/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for St. Louis mayor responds to uptick in violent crime
Now to St. Louis, Missouri, where there's cautious optimism today. New covid-19-related hospitalizations have dipped now for two straight days but health officials are warning for people not to let their guard down and to stay vigilant. With me now for more on how her city faring is mayor Lyda Krewson. Thank you so much for being with you have that mask mandate in place. You've shut down those bars and businesses that have ignored social distancing guidelines. Your numbers are improving. But of course new cases do continue to pop up. What is your plan to keep the numbers going down? Thank you so much. You know, our city has put a number of things in place over time. Which have really helped. We had an eight-week stay-at-home order. We have a mandatory mask order that has been in place for more than a month now. We're chatting with those bars and the restaurants who are ignoring either the social distancing or the mask order and making sure that everyone gets this message. We're going to continue to do that. We're watching the numbers every single day, both in terms of new cases, but also in terms of how many folks are in the hospital, how many are in icu, how many are on ventilators. Yesterday, we had a record day of people discharged from the hospital and 32 people going in, and these are our regional numbers. We're just continuing this message, but I'm also recognizing that folks are wearing out. Folks are tired. But this is not the time that we can let our guard down. We know that we've seen a big increase in cases and in hospitalizations over the last few weeks and we have to stay vigilant. You also made the decision that St. Louis public schools will be 100% virtual classes starting in two weeks. But you know a lot of parents still have to go to work so what is the city to support these families? The schools will have instructional support centers. For those kids who will still learn virtually but they can be in school with tutors, with busing to get there, with meals, so about 30%, 35% of our kids have opted into attending -- going to the instructional support center. They won't be doing group learning, they will still be doing virtual learning but they'll have support around them. Mayor, as of yesterday, your city has seen 158 homicides, that's 40 more than this time last year and now 50 federal agents are heading to St. Louis to help combat that violent crime, what is your reaction to that? We welcome this partnership with our federal partners in order to collaborate with our police department on responding to violent crime, helping us respond to shot spotters and helping us respond to calls to service. So this is an integration with what's going on in our police department and our federal partners. Mayor, black leaders in your community have voiced concern about this potential crackdown, that may focus on communities of color, and that there isn't enough focus on police misconduct, what do you say to those leaders? As most of them know of course our police department has been very accountable, we have already implemented the eight can't wait, no chokehold, all of those things, our police department has complied with over long period of time, our ban on chokeholds went into effect 2007. So of course it's very, very important that policing be done in an accountable way and in a sensitive way. But 158, now 159 murders just so far this year is 30%, 35% of where we were in the past. It's very important to hold them accountable. It's very important for us to be responsive to victims. St. Louis mayor Lyda Krewson, thank you so much for your time today. We really appreciate it. Thank you. Appreciate it.

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{"duration":"4:10","description":"Lyda Krewson outlined her plan for fighting COVID-19, supporting families dealing with virtual schooling and the need for sensitive policing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72236941","title":"St. Louis mayor responds to uptick in violent crime","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/st-louis-mayor-responds-uptick-violent-crime-72236941"}