Turning empty stadiums into voting places

ABC News correspondent Devin Dwyer visited some of the stadiums and arenas that are being converted into voting booths.
3:36 | 09/18/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Turning empty stadiums into voting places
transformation under way at a number of sports arenas and stadiums, going from empty to full of voters in the upcoming 2020 presidential election. ABC senior Washington reporter Devin Dwyer with our inside look. Reporter: This is the beginnings of a voting supercenter right here. Right. Reporter: At the D.C. Election warehouse, stockpiles of voting equipment are ready to roll. Voting machines, ballot printers drop boxes and lots of ppe, the pandemic is testing election officials like never before and giving rise to a new phenomena in 2020 -- the voting supercenter. In dozens of American cities across at least 14 states, sports arenas, stadiums and convention centers are being converted into voting complexes. Venues that would typically be packed with fans, now empty and idle because of covid-19. ABC news got an inside look at capital one arena in D.C. As officials prepare for voting booths just steps from center court. They're going check in right here, under the bud light sign, and then they're going to -- In front of the sticks. Reporter: In front of the capital sticks, these are going to be voting booths all of the way down this concourse. You got it. Reporter: The typical precinct with a handful, this supercenter will have dozens. Players across the NBA and other pro sports pushing to make polling places more accessible. Our voices being heard, our vote is being counted and, you know, it's a huge push for us as a nation to take that right. Reporter: NBA superstar Lebron James leading the effort in part as a response to national protests after the death of George Floyd. The owner of the Atlanta hawks was the first professional team to open its state farm arena as a voting supercenter for an election. The overwhelming majority of our fan base is so excited that we took this on, Democrat or Republican. Reporter: And it's not just the NBA, at least four NFL stadiums are slated to become voting centers this fall. Along with several NHL and MLB centers, including nationals park in D.C. We know that some people need to register to vote on election day, they've not gotten their ballot yet, you have to have a really good in-person voting structure to make that work effectively. Reporter: A promising new way to vote in person. People caution to keep those expectations in check. Are there are you going to be lines. They may move slow, you know what, when they get those air Jordan tennis shoes, they wait in line. Devin, a lot of people as we just heard expected to converge on these voting places, we heard about those lines, the big question, will they be pandemic safe? Yeah, Amy, voting supercenters of people seems sort of counterintuitive in a pandemic, right, but public officials te tell me that these locations will be much safer than the traditional polling places, small school gyms, lot of ventilation here, these arenas designed for crowd control. Now, that distance and that space might actually create the appearance of longer lines this year, but officials say those will move quicker but bring extra patience with that mask when you go to vote. Devin, thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"ABC News correspondent Devin Dwyer visited some of the stadiums and arenas that are being converted into voting booths.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73099410","title":"Turning empty stadiums into voting places","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/turning-empty-stadiums-voting-places-73099410"}