Bethenny Frankel and Barbara Corcoran join 'GMA Day'

The two moguls share their secrets to success.
9:06 | 10/26/18

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Transcript for Bethenny Frankel and Barbara Corcoran join 'GMA Day'
Our next guests are two best selling authors, boss, business moguls and self-made millionaires. Give it up for the two sensational sharks, bethenny Frankel and Barbara Corcoran. Hi. Look at you. Hi, everybody! Oh, my gosh. I don't want to waste a hug. Have a seat. There's a reason they didn't sit Barbara next to you, Michael. You know what? Barbara and I have our history. I bet. And it's good. I love it. Good history. You know, you two, you two have so much energy. Every time we see so much energy and always so positive, and one of the things that we always, always am fascinated by, how do successful people start their day. So do you two have a routine? What is your morning routine? Go ahead. I'll be quiet. I don't sleep very well, so I get excited if I get a go back. I'll wake up at 4:00 and try to sleep until 6:00 or 7:00 and I get my daughter up and get her act together, get the lunch box and do all that and make my ice coffee and feed my dogs, walk my dogs and just lay around. I don't like to jump into it. I need to kind of settle. Decompress. Yes, exactly. I start my day the night before, because my office drops off a folder with my calendar, and I make a long to do list of what I got to get done the next day. You do? Yeah. You know what? Wow! You know why, because I could sleep better. If I don't do it, I don't sleep well. I'm thinking of things all night long. Get it off your mind. Oh, wow. Drives me crazy. In the morning, I get up, I lift weights for 45 minutes. Don't remind me, I'm a skinny girl, so I drop weight so I'll disappear if I don't do it. She's a skinny girl. She's a skinny girl. Okay. How funny. That was good. That was really good. She drinks skinny girl in the morning. That's what she really meant. That's the key to success. Now, bethenny, pressing question. Sorry. The best part is coming. The ending is the best part. We weren't peaking yet. You're rude, that's okay. I'm only kidding with you. Please, please, I shouldn't have said that. Okay, but I make breakfast, get my 13-year-old out the door and then I tell my husband everything he's doing wrong, and then I go to work. That was the important part. Yes. You got to tell the husband what he did wrong, before you go to wrong. Make sure you get that off your mind so you can focus on work. Bethenny, you're shooting "Real housewives of New York." I've been working on my tag line. Oh, great. I need you to tell me how it sounds. I used to detassel corn. Now I'm taking a bite out of the big apple. Ooh, I like it. I like it. I like it, and it's also very seasonal right now. Very topical. Very autumnal. Do you have one? Oh, man. I'm going to come up with one. Used to laugh at the gap and you didn't want me, now I'm hot, you all on me. Wow. "Real housewives after-hours." I don't know what I just did but, okay! X-rated. Barbara liked it. Barb broo liked it a lot, baby. Sold to the woman in yellow! Barbara, you recently tweeted something, which I found interesting. You said, I never had a real business mentor, but I always followed my mom's advice." What was your mom's advice? My mom was amazing. She -- I was a dunce at school, but when I went home, she told me I could accomplish anything I wanted and I believed her. She raised ten kids in a two-bedroom home. That was her messaging, day in and day out. You're amazing, Barbara. I am? You were a "C" student. I was? But I thought I read somewhere, you were a "C" student. Oh, no, I was a charity "D" student, because I used to kiss the butts of my teachers so they'd give me a "D" instead of an "F." Wow! Amazing. Business move from a very young age. Both of you guys are brilliant businesswomen. If you were getting into business in this day and age, what business would you get into? I would get into health and wellness, plant-based. I think people will spend anything on pets, babies and health, so I think those are good categories. I just feel like people are more evolved with wellness. People are thinking more about health than calories, yoga more than boot camp, so more sort of spirituality and wellness. I like that. I would beg, borrow and do whatever I had to to buy real estate. You know, everybody I know who is very, very rich got their start in real estate when they came from nothing, and I think it's the most assured, slowest way of getting very, very rich. Steady as you go. They don't make any more. They don't make any more. That's right. And great advice from both of them. We know you. You both are on "Shark tank" of course, and you hear a lot of pitches, and you have to decide, going to put money in it or not or going to say I'm out. We want to play a game with you. I don't know if you're ready for this. We love games. Bring out the thing. What we're going to do, you can put them right here. Put them here in front of us. We're going to put 30 seconds on the clock, and Michael is going to sell, we don't know what's under these, but right now I hope it's food. A Turkey. He's going to sell and then I'm going to sell and you guys are going to decide what would make you rich or which one wasn't awful. Which one you would invest in. Do you have any tips for us before we do this? Has to be elevator pitch. You have to understand your idea, be passionate and get the idea across in a thesis statement. I only have 30 seconds and I don't know what I'm pitching. 30 seconds and, Michael, sell. You know, this is what they call a hand. Now, we all need a hand, sometimes you need a hand to help you, sometimes you need somebody just to pat you on your back whenever you're feeling down. Sometimes you want to hug yourself. This really helps. It's nice to have a hand there when you need one. Imagine that. You're laying in bed, you're tired, you're sleepy. A nice hand across the chest, always comforts you and puts you to sleep, something you have trouble with and maybe this could be the solution for you. Five, four, three, two, one! I'm impressed. It's also just a weird plastic hand you should have added. Don't get on my selling point. Let's see what you got. 30 seconds, ready, go. Oh, okay, I recently lost both of my animals. You've met them, Barbara, at the "Today" show. I had two little chihuahuas. Oh, you're going that way. I feel that they never leave you, so to be able to have a kind of little mini one that doesn't take a lot of labor, doesn't really demand much, but always reminds us of those little spirits that visit us in our dreams, I always think I remember when I was -- Oh! Five, four, three, two -- My parents didn't allow me to have one, and they would have allowed this. One. Do we have to agree on who wins? I got one more thing, if somebody makes you upset, you could take these fingers and -- Wait, wait, I need your hand, Michael. I'm crying a little. See? The hand, more versatile. So out of those selling pitches, would you give us a chance? Who do you like most? I like you the most no matter what you say. If we're being serious, neither of you gave your product a name, so we didn't know what it was and how it was going to be marketed. I would have called that the handy hand. That would have gotten me put off the air. Yours was a more difficult product to pitch. I would have -- yours was a more -- who is not going to go for a bobble doll with the eyes but went for the sympathy vote That's a hand that does a good job. One small criticism, sad stories don't sell. You had to tie that into something happy in my opinion. They play off my grief and I buy cheechs everywhere. Well, how about this is happy. I tell you what, we're all

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