Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley play a game of 'Country Grammar' on 'GMA Day'

The country superstars dish on hosting the CMA Awards for the 11th time together.
8:07 | 11/09/18

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Transcript for Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley play a game of 'Country Grammar' on 'GMA Day'
We can't wait to catch up with our next guests. They're two of country music's biggest superstars. They're pairing up for the 11th time to host the cma awards. Please welcome Carrie Underwood and Brad paisley. You look gorgeous. Great to see you. There's an obstacle there. There we go. Welcome you two. Welcome. Thank you. We noticed you're pregnant with number two. Little bit. I feel like the second one is a little different. How are you feeling? I feel like everything happened so much faster this time. You see it faster. Yeah. I'll look at pictures from myself a month ahead of where I'm at now and I'm like good gracious. Got a little bit to go still. Yes. You have your son Isaiah who is 3. Yes. You posted a funny picture with a toy he can't put down. He picks interesting things to play with. He has an imagination. That's a potato, right? It's a potato. Swimming in a donut. He had four of them. He played with them for a while. I drew faces on them. Eventually they had to disappear one by one. I knew what was going to happen he was going to drop one and it would roll under the couch and I wouldn't find that sucker until later. You wrote he does have real toys. He does. He has a great imagination. Mr. Potato head sent us a potato head. So now you don't have to play with real ones. Yeah, but I keep just finding Mr. Potato head parts. I'm like, oh, here's an ear. It's your 11th time hosting together. What can we expect? Do you have any teasers? We know you're doing something right when they ask you 11 times. Yeah. Every year we try to come up with something that represents sort of the year. This has been a challenge this year. For us I think what's important is that we have fun this time. We gotta give people a respite from everything going on. In some ways it's been more fun to write this year. Don't you think? I thought what are we going to talk about. There's a lot that's off limits. We don't want to go there. We want to keep it light and fun and entertaining and give people a break. We're like what are we going to do? There's been enough. You guys don't have to worry about that. You always seem to nail it every single time. Hopefully. You always seem to nail it every single time. That's nice of you. You guys have been together 11 years now. You must be like brother and sister. Is there one annoying habit that the other has that drives you crazy? Yeah. So -- well, thank you for asking. I don't think so. Man, I had one. That's not our agreement. Since you have nothing, Carrie, please. Proceed. Backstage we agreed to say there's none. What? He knows. I do? You do. What is it? He has a hard time being on time. That's all. Like five minutes, ten minutes, an hour? It depends. In 11 times he's shown up before me once. They told me the wrong time. That's what happened. Brad, do you want to change your answer? She's annoyingly early to everything. I would like to phone a friend. He would like to phone my husband. Exactly. Brad, you wear this signature cowboy hat. It's the white cowboy hat. How many do you have? Is that the same hat? I may have 10 or 11 at home. Those are leftovers because the company that I do this with gives me these. Every night I put it on a kid's head. At the end of the show there's a little kid in the front inevitably on his dad's shoulders and he goes home with a Stetson hat. It's great. It's a Stetson. So there thousands of those out there. That's one habit that's not annoying. Now I feel like a jerk. Thank you. I feel like a jerk for calling him late. Sorry. That's okay. But he is late. You know what, you guys are hosting the cmas. We want to do a little game. We want to test your country knowledge. Okay. It's how country are you? We're going to give you this sign. You look worried. Here's some paddles. It's going to say fake country or real country. We'll show these quotes. Brad start us off and tell us if this is fake country or a real country quote. You can use like a southern accent if you want to make it more country. You got it. Here we go. You're lower than a snake's belly in a wagon rut. What do you say? I think it's real. Real country. Lower than a snake's belly in a wagon rut. I'm not smart enough for that one. The definitions are going to be part two. Carrie. It's dryer than a popcorn fart round these parts. Real or fake? I'm going to say no. What's a popcorn fart? I say real. It is real country. No. It's real country. What is a popcorn fart? You don't want to know. Maybe that's when it becomes -- You don't want to -- don't even speculate. Leave it there. Brad? Don't hand me an eight-legged Turkey and tell me it's an octopus. That sounds like something my dad would say. I think that's fake. Brad! I want to talk to your dad now. He says a lot of those. What's fun about this is you don't realize how much it's killing her to be losing. It is. I feel an annoying habit coming on. You need two more to tie it up. Let's go. Just 'cause you have four quarters doesn't mean you have a dollar. That doesn't even make sense. Fake country or real country? Go with your gut. Brad, don't look at what she did and then copy. Fake. It didn't make sense. That's not what I'm teaching my kids. Here is our final one. Fake country or real country? I couldn't buy a humming bird on a string for a nickel. That's real. It sounds real because it doesn't make -- I think it's real. Real. I think I nailed that. You know what's funny, I thought you were going to say it was fake because it doesn't make sense. None of them made sense. You were good. You won. Your prize is absolutely nothing. Very proud. We appreciate you guys coming here. Keep this. This is your prize. I gotta say you both are real country and you represent it so well. Not only country music, but you transcend everything. Love watching the show. You guys are the best hosts on TV. Thank you. That's nice of you.

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{"duration":"8:07","description":"The country superstars dish on hosting the CMA Awards for the 11th time together.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59086046","title":"Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley play a game of 'Country Grammar' on 'GMA Day'","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/carrie-underwood-brad-paisley-play-game-country-grammar-59086046"}