Is 'Dancing with the Stars' in Sara's future?

Sara shows off her dance moves with "DWTS'" Tony Dovolani.
6:04 | 02/15/19

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Transcript for Is 'Dancing with the Stars' in Sara's future?
Our next guest was a pro dancer on "Dancing with the stars." Today he's here. Please welcome -- do you want to take this? Tony dovolani. Michael. Good to see you. Hi, Tony. Really? Wait until you hear this one. Okay. So let's just get the elephant out of the room right here. I messed up again. It wasn't you on that day. It wasn't you I forgot. It was Louis van amstel. Correct. That's why I'm, like, why don't I remember this? I forgot again and we have the clip. And now I get to introduce the legendary -- sorry. I just blanked. Come on out here, from "Dancing with the stars," we know Louis van amstel who we know and love. Who we know and love? Who we know. And by the way, the only way I knew that is in my ear, someone is screaming. Louis van amstel. You got caught up in the legendary part. The legendary -- The part when you know and love, you didn't know him. I clearly know you. Yes. Totally different here, but before we start, I need you to teach me a little dancing. Of course. Can you show me a couple of moves? I don't know if Michael is joining. Okay. Okay. This is so amazing. So you start with your right foot because a woman is always right. Okay. You go back and now go forward on this foot. There you go. Dancing. Now we're going to go to this side. Then you open up. There it is. Oh my gosh. That is impressive. I can assure you I'll never forget his name. I tell you right now -- you know what? I'm kind of lobbying for Sara for "Dancing with the stars." That was good. You got moves. That was so enjoyable. I want to take dance classes. You know your baby is going to be a dancer now. Well, yeah. My baby was moving with us. You know, you were on the show for 21 seasons. Yeah. Amazing how many seasons has gone by with you there, but tell us a secret we don't know about the show. There's got to be something. Give us some dirt. That trophy could not be any cheaper. The mirror ball? It's, like, styrofoam and really, like, light and they probably picked it up down the street at the market and they put mirrors on it. The first time I saw the trophy and I was, like, oh my goodness and then you expect something to be heavy and it was, like, oh. This is where I felt lucky with Melissa when we won the all-star season and the swarovski stones were on it which made it 25 pounds. Which means you're willing to work for it at that point. I definitely was, but I had a torn ligament in my wrist, and when they gave it to me, I was, like -- at that point, yes. One type of dancing we don't see on there a lot is the type of dancing when you made a guest appearance on "The chippendales." Yeah. The difference was -- We're going to let that sit for just a second. Chippendales. I never worked that hard in my entire life. Really? I had to work out because I had four months to get ready for it and I did two-a-days and I would work out in the morning before I would go teach at the studio and then at the end of the night. I would teach 10, 12 hours and work out in the evening and I had to eat so much. To keep weight? To keep the weight, but it was an unbelievable experience. Those guys work really hard and they put so much into their routines. Actually dancing with the audience and giving them a show. I only took my shirt off. No different than "Dancing with the stars." Well, you might know that Michael here has had some magical moments. Playing the sexy time dancer. We have some pictures. Let's see. Oh. You guys, I don't know if there is a winner there. All I got to say is it was -- the first time I stripped for the scene, I was so scared, but after the first time, I was, like, oh. Let's do it again. The screams though, the screams so interestingly, like -- So liberating. Like, I'm free. I'm free. And then when you walk down the street, then you expect them to say -- no. They don't do the same thing. You don't get that reception? I got home and I was, like, chippendales are chippendales. Go do the dishes. One thing you do when you are not heating up, you know, Vegas, you are the co-national dance director at the Fred astaire dance studio. Tell us more about that. At 17, my first actual real job I say in the United States was actually I became a beginning teacher at the studios in Stanford, Connecticut. That was my beginning to have dancing and that's what led me to world championships, "Dancing with the stars" hing I learned was from the Fred astaire dance studios and then to come full circle and them to offer me pretty much the head job to be in charge of the dance studios and dance council and all that, was a dream come true and, in fact, to this day, I sometimes go, did that really actually happen? So it's an honor that I can't necessarily explain even how much it means to me. Yeah. You have a special celebration coming up. Yes, we do. We have students that we teach that are from young to I call it pleasantly young because I don't call anybody, you know, their age, but to me, we don't discriminate towards age. Dancing is for everyone and we love teaching every style, every person no matter who or whatever walk of life you come from. Dancing is a universal language. If you love dancing, this true pillar of staying young the rest of your life.

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{"duration":"6:04","description":"Sara shows off her dance moves with \"DWTS'\" Tony Dovolani.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61102981","title":"Is 'Dancing with the Stars' in Sara's future?","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/dancing-stars-saras-future-61102981"}