New feature gives you 10 minutes to 'unsend' a Facebook message

Plus, what's a bigger dating deal breaker: bad roommates or living with your parents?
7:39 | 11/08/18

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Transcript for New feature gives you 10 minutes to 'unsend' a Facebook message
you know, a lot of people are dating, right? And we're always trying to get advice on how to get dates, how to keep dates, what turns people off from, you know, being in a relationship. So there is this thing about dating deal-breakers. Oh, there are so many. Give me an example of one dating deal-breaker you have. Well, when a guy is older and he still has a roommate and I'm not saying, like, in your 20s, but, like, when you date someone and you're, like, oh, he is so wise and amazing. Oh, shoot. He has a roommate. But in roommate, do you mean roommate or do you mean his parents? Well, that's also a deal-breaker. But you know what? Not for as many women as you think. I don't believe them. And I was surprised at this because there are people -- I understand. You live in New York and you may want a roommate. It's expensive to live here. When you are almost 40 and you have a roommate still -- I'm doing the best I can. The best I can. You know? This week, it's the fries, next week I'm running the place. Women say a partner having a roommate is a deal- breaker. 20%. So apparently a lot of women out there understand -- The age is a big part of that. A lot of people have a roommate when they are young. It's when they start to veer into adulthood. Men are less understanding. 39% of men say no go. I thought more women -- more men wouldn't mind a roommate more than women, but it's the opposite. 83% of women say they will not date a partner who lives with their parents. But what if it's somebody who lives with their parents because their parents need them there? Oh, gosh. That's, like, marriage. Propose to me. You don't do that. That's even worse. You do. If they are that sentimental -- if someone told me, I'm at home because my mom has health problems and I take care of her, I would be like this. I love you. That is a sign of a good heart. Who is with me? You hear your -- Thank you. All right. So you're telling me you're on a date with a woman -- I'm going to be realistic. I think in realistic terms. It sounds great at first, but every time you're out having dinner, oh, mommy's calling. I got to go. That ain't too attractive because at the same time, if he is sitting there taking care of mom all the time, that's going to be the priority over you in the relationship, and not saying you shouldn't take care of your pares, but at the same time, you have to have your own life. Another scenario, Michael. Let me flip this around. Okay? When you find your best friend in a partner, you're going to grow old together. You're young and vibrant when you meet. You're going to be a little crickety. There are going to be illnesses, ailments and a lot of life that's happening. You make life sound bad. I know. I'm hormonal. I'm getting stiff as we talk about it. You want someone that will not disappear when you need them the most. So if you can say someone that knows how to take care of their parents, it's an ultimate love. You love them and take care of them, that person is so going to be there for you when you need them. Oh, no. Who agrees with my side? You don't have to clap because you feel peer pressure, okay? I do this when I need applause. But 63% of men said they would not date a partner who lives with their parents. Men are snobbier by the minute. Men are more forgiving with living with your parents than the women are, but then here we go. The problem is if you don't want to date someone that lives with their parents, you're in trouble because this is the first time in 130 years that more people live with their parents. Yeah. So your options are running low, okay? We want you to know that. It's something to consider when having children. They might be forever roommates. Your kids never leave. They are, like, roaches. Once they are in, they don't get out. Okay. But I have a little question about -- do you use Facebook? I have an account. I don't particularly use it because Facebook to me was people who found you who you lost contact with, but if I lost contact with you, it's because I wanted to. Can you imagine Michael Strahan's friend requests? Everyone that ever had one interaction is, like, hey, dude. Remember me? Yeah. I have one, but I don't really use it. Why. What you got? We're living in a time of regret, clearly. People are starting to second guess what they message. Facebook added a new feature that gives you ten minutes to unsend a message. They need to apply that to every way you send a message. I would agree because I did a little deep dive. It's my investigative reporting background. I don't have one, but the three categories for me analyzing this study are the drunk message, the angry message or the miss message, when you send it to someone accidentally. I did that not long ago. You sent it to someone that wasn't supposed to get it? Yep. Sent something to my ex-wife. And it was about her. Whoa. Michael Strahan. But she hasn't said anything, which is rare, so I guess -- I guess -- I guess I'm in the clear. It wasn't that bad actually. Okay, okay. I was tired. I got off the plane from L.A. It was, like, 3:00 in the morning. I'm just trying to get home so I can come here and to work and I'm responding to all these messages and I ended up, yeah, doing that. Sleep -- I woke up real quick though. I was, like -- Sleep-deprived texting is almost as bad as drunk texting. You should not text while tired. You shouldn't text while tired. You shouldn't text while drunk. That's a bad one too. I was a notorious drunk Texter. Really? To who? Oh, gosh. ??? All my exes live in Texas ??? They all got a text if mama had a night out. It was, like, hey, what's up? How are you doing? And I was, like, Jesus. Isn't there an app for that? Why am I doing this? You just missed him. It's emotional. It's emotional. I'm a woman. When you get a text from an ex at 2:30 in the morning, are you awake? I might not be, but I know you are. That's what that means. When you wake up the next morning and they answer and it's the next day and they're, like, uh, yeah. I am awake. What's up? And you're, like, timestamp. Timestamp. Very different mental places. I was just checking on you at 2:30 in the morning making sure you were all right. You were on my mind. I awoke stressed out and wanted to see if you were okay. I had a bad dream. But there should be something on your phone. Siri should have your back. You should be able to set it like you set an alarm clock that at this time, anything I send out, siri should come on and go, are you sure? Yes. And then you have to approve, yes. And even after yes, siri should go, are you sure sure? Like, it should be three levels before you get there because that's trouble. Siri needs to know you personally at that point. I feel like siri doesn't need to worry about the weather. I don't care. She doesn't need to, like, analyze my voice for a Google question. Siri needs to say, are you feeling emotional today? Do you really want to send that? Did you address it to the right person? Siri needs to have four questions in her pocket to help me help me. Help me help me, siri. That would work. Help me, siri.

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