'Jersey Shore' star Vinny Guadagnino cooks up keto pizza on 'GMA Day'

Guadagnino and his mom visit Times Square with a delicious pizza recipe.
6:59 | 11/08/18

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Transcript for 'Jersey Shore' star Vinny Guadagnino cooks up keto pizza on 'GMA Day'
It is day four of our side hustle reality star edition. Our next guest shows us the importance of gtl, gym, tan, laundry and t-shirt time. You snow him from "Jersey shore." Let's take a look. Yo. Yo. Look at this house. Jersey mansion. Mansion, son. Mansion. This house is definitely, like, on some grown-up with landscaping and people trimming the hedges. This is, like, an adult house like we are adults. Ah! Hey. Please welcome Vinny guadagnino. What's up? Good to see you. Hi. You were amazing. I came here just for you. Hi, guys. Okay. So we all know you from "The Jersey shore." Yes. But what's the sidle hustle? The side hustle is the keto Guido. I love that you are keto. She loves keto. I heard. We can't stop talking about it. It's, like, a preaching thing. It's, like, a cult following. You don't have to ask us. We'll tell you that we're keto basically. Do you have, like, a favorite person to cook with? Favorite person to cook with is definitely my mom because, you know, I don't really do much cooking. I have the knowledge, but she is the actual cook. Oh. She executes. Yes. She executes. I have the ideas. Let's go ahead and bring out Vinny's mom. Let's do it. Come on out, mama. Hi. Welcome. Thank you. Thank you. You're beautiful. Oh my gosh. Thank you. Okay. So mama, I'm going to trust you because you're the cook and this boy looks like he has been eating good. Always ready to eat. What is in this dough that we're using today? Flour, almond flour, oregano, olive oil. We don't eat with grains, you know what I mean? We want to eliminate sugars and grains so everything is, like, a really fatty pizza and it's made of cheese, so it's delicious as well. Too good to be true. A lot of cheese and just some flour to hold it together. It has to work. Let's roll out the dough. I love the Italian endorsement of keto because our friend Gianna is Italian and they get really mad when she doesn't eat the pasta. Exactly. It's hard for us, but I'm glad I found a pizza recipe. You're going to use the flour. My mom is easily cooking it. Don't follow me. Don't follow he. Michael did the flour. Once you roll it out, okay? Roll it out. We're going to have a finished product here. We're going to broil this for a couple of minutes and what's going to come out after you broil it -- Give me a good one. Here you go. Did you do that yourself? Yes, I did. Yes, I did. Good job. So tell us about these other ingredients. What are these other ingredients? We're going to top it. Once you have the dough, it's good on its own, right? She can't stop eating it. This is amazing. Imagine when it's done. We're going to top it with -- we have ice cream scoopers. Vinny's going to ruin it with truffle oil. She doesn't like truffle oil. We're going to put the scoops of ricotta. On here. What is it? Ricotta? Well, Americans -- Everything has to be whole milk. Nothing fat free. We cook with fat. Keto people eat fat. Yes, we do. We put the ricotta on. Americans say ricotta. We don't say that. That's an American thing. Ricotta. There you go. Once you put the cheese on, we're going to take the truffle oil. Look at that. Perfect. Good job. I'm good in the kitchen. All right. I believe you. We're going to drizzle it with truffle oil. You're going to drizzle it with truffle oil. Because truffle is amazing. There you go. Not to your mom. Where is any prosciutto? That's my favorite. Did I put too much oil on? That's going to be a lot of truffle oil. I went heavy. Then we're going to kind of -- Prosciutto. Okay. Mama, I'm going to focus with you. Prosciutto. You know what? I can't roll "Ps," "Rs," these teeth of mine get in the way. Michael is not Italian. And then you bake it and you melt the cheese, right? Then we cut it. Then we have a finished product. Put mine back in the oven. Like that. This is weird. This is what we end up with? Wow. That's beautiful. This is the finished product, everybody. Yes. Beautiful. Yes. Get into that. Cut it up. This is really pretty. Always cut away from you. Always cut away from you? Why is that? Because you're going to cut yourself. Oh, okay. There you go. Cut away from you. Right down there. Beautiful. Wow. You're good at that, Mike. Good job. And she is eating the finished product. The whole day literally we cook on the show quite a bit, but we never cook keto. So without cooking keto she doesn't eat anything. She has been waiting for this forever. I'm hungry. Especially pizza. You don't have to feel guilty. No portion control. I would eat this over anything else. It's satiated because of the fat and you only need one slice of this and you're done. This is funny. You say you only need one slice and she is going to eat more than one. I guarantee that. We have another eater in the audience. Right here. Nice to meet you. Hi. How are you? Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. This is Katie. Come on. Come on. We're going to try this. Have some pizza. I have some I can share with you. This one? Take whatever you want. A little plate. This is our taste tester. What do you think? Cheesy. So good. I want to try it. All right. While they all eat, I'm going to

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{"duration":"6:59","description":"Guadagnino and his mom visit Times Square with a delicious pizza recipe.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59060281","title":"'Jersey Shore' star Vinny Guadagnino cooks up keto pizza on 'GMA Day'","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/jersey-shore-star-vinny-guadagnino-cooks-keto-pizza-59060281"}