Junior furniture flipper gives pros a run for their money, so we are surprising him

This 12-year-old is the ultimate "Flea Market Flip" super fan, and he has his own shop!
5:56 | 10/18/18

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Transcript for Junior furniture flipper gives pros a run for their money, so we are surprising him
flipper, Owen Simoes. He runs his own shop called squid flip in Concord, new Hampshire. It's stocked with transformed furniture he originally found at flea markets and garage sales and by the way, did I mention, he is 12 years old. A light -- big welcome to you. Owen, before we get started, what inspired you to flip furniture? Well, there is this show on television called "Flea market flip". I love it. I have heard of it. Yes. What I love about the show is they buy furniture at flea markets and they redo it and sell it and I thought that was so interesting, and I thought, why not make a store out of it, you know? Yeah. You know that Lara Spencer has -- we have seen her a few times here. But I heard you got to meet her, and you have a picture with her I think. Do we have the picture? There. You got to meet Lara. Yeah. What was that like? Oh, it was super fun. I got to go to Brimfield where I met her. She was super nice. The whole crew was super nice and I had a lot of fun. You know what's -- she is a lot of fun. She is really cool, and would you mind if we surprised you and had her come out and help us with this? Come on out, Lara Spencer. The host of "Flea market flip" and "Gma" anchor. Come on, young lady. Come on. Get over here. There you go, buddy. What's up, Owen? So good to see you again. Good to see you. Hi, guys. Hi, baby. Lara, we have got to get you ready. All right. Give me that. Thank you. Owen, how are you? Good. So your business is really up and running, right? Yes. Wow. I should get a cut, I guess. Owen, how has how is it to flip with the person who inspired you? She is going to do it doing your designs. I'm super excited. This is a great one. What are we working on here? It's an old suitcase, repurposed. Yes. We're turning an old suitcase into a table. What you are going to need is you are going to need these plates where you can buy them at hardware stores, on the internet and you're also going to need legs which you can probably buy at the exact same place and they just screw right in. It's a really simple project. What's great about suitcases, I'm sure you have seen on the show a lot, you can get them for next to nothing at flea markets. People throw them away. It breaks my heart. What I love about Owen is he is a recycler. He sees the beauty in old things. Oh, please. Right? Because this is actually a really wonderful piece. It's strong. It has got leather. It's, like, a cool, vintage -- and look at that. Bam. And then take it one step further. Owen did for a customer on his website, a woman I guess from far away. Arizona or something? Somebody bought one of these from you, and you personalized it with stickers from places that she had been. Yes. Isn't that a great idea? Let's help out here. I don't want to ruin it by putting our faces on it. Go ahead. Knock yourself out. It's such a great idea, and one simple tip which Owen knows is you always use a protective sealant on it, right? To make sure that it stays. So you put -- put these on, and then just spray it on. The last step is the clear coat can. It's basically an adhesive glue and for years to come when you put your cocktail on it, just saying -- How much would this whole project cost? Just curious. What would you pay for a suitcase like that? Probably around $20. You're a good negotiator. How much would you sell it for? $50, $60, $70. My man. My businessman. You are a businessman. So I know we have that here, but we also have silverware. There are interesting things we can do with the silverware, right? Yes. So what we're going to turn them into is key hangers, coat hangers. Basically anything you can hang up. We have a finished one right here, but we're going to make some. So what you are going to do is you want to get your silverware, and you want to kind of bend it on the side of a table and make sure you're using something silver plated and not steel because that's not going to bend. You would be here all day if you had steel. Even you. Yeah. And the thing about this again is at flea markets you can buy -- I'm not kidding. A handful for $5. People get rid of this stuff. I get it. You don't want a tarnished old silver plate, a teaspoon from someone else's house, but you can reinvent it and it's what this guy does. It's so amazing. Learning from your show. What's next? Then we're going to basically just screw it in. You want to pre-drill a hole in the wood and the spoon or fork. Don't use a knife because that's not going to work. Are you sure about that? I'm just surprised they let us use power tools. Yeah. Whoa! Whoa! I mean obviously, it could be on your wall, on cabinets. I mean, instant coat hook. Bam. Imagine a line of these on the wall. It's a cute idea. Or I have seen you make or we have done on the air. You find a great old piece of, like, barn wood and do a row of them and hang it on the wall. It's art and it's also functional. And how many -- just for you, Lara. How many seasons for your show? We just wrapped season 13. 32 episodes. If we do another one, I hope you

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{"duration":"5:56","description":"This 12-year-old is the ultimate \"Flea Market Flip\" super fan, and he has his own shop! ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58587784","title":"Junior furniture flipper gives pros a run for their money, so we are surprising him","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/junior-furniture-flipper-pros-run-money-surprising-58587784"}