'Love and Hip Hop' stars Remy Ma and Papoose can't wait for their 'golden child'

The "Love and Hip Hop" couple shares their touching story behind their baby-to-be.
5:46 | 11/30/18

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Transcript for 'Love and Hip Hop' stars Remy Ma and Papoose can't wait for their 'golden child'
royalty and one of hip-hop's most beloved couples. Give it up for Remy ma and papoose. Papoose is almost a pa-pa. Now, you are really, really pregnant. We were just talking about this. Really, really pregnant. You look amazing. Thank you. How has the pregnancy been? I must say the pregnancy has been super easy, like I haven't had -- Really? In the beginning I had a lot of, you know, morning sickness like hyperemesis was really, really bad but everything after that was great. I only gained 17 pounds. I wearing almost all my cute shoes and almost all my sweater clothes. I can't complain. That is amazing. We just got a shot of those shoes. Those are fly, I got to say that. Thank you. I'm also looking at the necklace. I'm wondering, what is the push present, man? Papoose, what are you going to do? Where do you go from here? You're right. You're right. It's all going to go to the golden child. What? I just told you last night I wanted a new truck. What? All my energy and my love, we got to share it with the baby now. I love that. That's a good selfless approach to parenting. "Love & hip hop." Yes. New York. One of my -- it's my guilty pleasure. I love watching that show. You are are a great example on the show but how is this season different than -- I think with this season, well, one being that just own special meet the mackies so it was us and our children and trying to get them out the house and preparing for the baby but it's different now because these are people we were with for years and everybody is acting like I'm handicapped. I'm used to bossing people around. He's just super pregnancy police, so it's definitely a more family environment. Everyone is just like so extra like coddling to me. I love it. People love to dote on a pregnant woman, though, because there is a delicate natural beauty to that. Yes. We heard that you've had some cravings. Go ahead. You know you want to tell them. Well, 23 hours out of the day my wife chews ice, and I can't sleep. I'm talking about -- other hours she's got ice -- Are you craving now? There we go. Ah. We brought you some. Awesome. Papoose, we're looking out for you because you have to sleep with sound-deafening headphones on. Yes. Thank you. Just in case. But you said earlier when we started out, you are calling the baby the golden child. Yes. Where did that come from? Basically me and my wife been have trying to have a baby for a long time and she was previously pregnant and rubbing her stomach and unfortunately she had a miscarriage, so in the process of the doctors informed us it might be a possibility that we won't be able to have a baby together and thank god for this process called in vitro we invested in and so she's now pregnant and so instead of saying miracle baby, we're calling it a golden child. Then got a tattoo of the sonogram, and then he went and took the first heartbeat and made a song out of it. The song we're playing right now. Here's the song featuring my wife, "The golden child." So, this is based off the baby's heartbeat. Yeah, the bass line is the heartbeat, the first heartbeat. See, that could be the gift for the baby and then you could get her a push present. You're right. That truck you want -- An extended SUV -- And a big house. I was going to ask the question but I can already tell what the answer was. Who is going to spoil the baby more, mom or dad but you. Present. Yes, you win. Without a doubt. Yeah, the baby is spoiled already. It's nice but he's trying. You don't know if it's a boy or girl. You know. He knows. Yes, my wife actually doesn't want to know what the baby is until the day of the baby's birth and she told me I couldn't find out but I fought for the right, and we spoke to the doctor. So, she told me as long as I don't tell anyone, she won't kill me, so I've been quiet. So just tell us, we're not -- Will you approach it the same regardless because I know how dads feel about their little boys, but do you feel like nerves either way about it were a boy or if it were a girl without revealing anything. Well, I'm just walking on egg shells when I -- Watch what you say. I can't -- Why don't you put these on, sweetie. He buys clothes secretly for the baby. Hiding it in his closet that I'm banned from. She likes to snoop around. If you snoop in there -- I clean. I clean your closet where the clothes are. But I tell you something, we have something we'll add to your cache for the baby. We have a future "Gma" guest. We want you to come back. Thanks. And then -- Okay. Aunt Sara and uncle Michael because sometimes this puts people to sleep quickly. There you go. That is cute. That is adorable. Thanks, y'all. I appreciate it, man. And congratulations. Seriously, congratulations to the both of you and so many have been watching this journey with you guys and with the baby and we wish you the best. Thank you. And we'll be seeing what that push present is when we check back in. And you can check out "Love & hip hop: New York" Mondays on VH1

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{"duration":"5:46","description":"The \"Love and Hip Hop\" couple shares their touching story behind their baby-to-be. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59524065","title":"'Love and Hip Hop' stars Remy Ma and Papoose can't wait for their 'golden child'","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/love-hip-hop-stars-remy-ma-papoose-wait-59524065"}