The perfect Kentucky Derby party spread

Tim Laird ("The Bourbon Country Cookbook") is mixing mint juleps and making bourbon treats.
4:45 | 05/03/19

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Transcript for The perfect Kentucky Derby party spread
author of "The bourbon country cookbook." To show us how to make the perfect party spread for the Kentucky derby tomorrow, you only have a day left, you might want to listen. Give it up for Tim laird! Thank you, Sara and bethenny. Glad to have you here at this derby party set. Got to start off with the mint julep. The quintessential cocktail of the derby. It starts out -- I'll show you how to make this at home. They sell 120,000 of these on derby day. How did the mint julep become the big drink? Bourbon was big in the south and they had to lot of mint. Bourbon is big everywhere, Tim. It is. It was great. Here's how easy it is. One of us is a virgin and one needs a virgin cocktail. So make sure that -- A tall glass with crushed ice. Put in 2 ounces of the official bourbon of the Kentucky derby. To that you make a simple mint simple syrup. That goes in. I made you an alcohol-free. I put iced tea with the mint simple syrup. How's that? When you go there you get to collect these glasses. Bethenny has a full set. Yes, yes. No, I don't have a full set here. These will southern fudge you up so don't have more than nine. No, not more than three. Responsibly, too. You don't have to have this glass. No. At home, you can use a tall glass with ice. Now, how good was that? Even an alcohol-free version was good. Bethenny? Bring you back to derby days? Yes. This is why I don't always go. This is bourbon bacon toast. It's easy to make. It's at a lot of derby parties. I cut out a little bit of whole wheat. We put in a little bourbon with mango chutney. You can buy -- oh, yeah, that goes in. Tim, I know you said bourbon was big there. Bourbon has a great profile to it. It's like you're starting with a lot of flavor -- like bourbon and bacon. Everything goes with bacon, Tim. That was a trick. By the way, I'd love that you put whole wheat under the bacon marmalade bourbon. It's good for you. It's a healthy thing, right? And what I love about these, you can make these ahead of time and you can freeze it. When the guests arrive, you can bring it out and chill it. Oh, these are wonderful, too. This is my bourbon pork tenderloin sliders. There's a little bourbon in the marinade. Also, mustard with bourbon. There's dijon. I made an all-free slider over there for you. But basically -- She's like an abstinence commercial. The bourbon mustard goes on both. Hold on, I'm going to try to say something funny. I'm trying to break it. Hey, we have a sweet ending. This is delicious. It's bourbon pecan fudge. In your microwave, 20 ounces of chocolate chips. Melt that in the microwave. To that, about a cup of condensed sweetened milk. That goes in. Yes. Then, some pecans that I toasted. Love it. Toasted pecans go in. And then a little salt. And, of course, a little bit of bourbon. Gorgeous. Don't forget the bourbon, Tim. Two ounces. Two ounces. A little left for me. Then a little vanilla. A little vanilla. You mix that all up. Put it in the pan, put it in the refrigerator for one to two hours. Cut it up into pieces and look at this. Gorgeous. Oh, it's cooked out. The alcohol is cooked out. I'm not a pregnancy expert. And I'm not checking. Okay. See, you can't fake that. You know what, don't like it, your face will show it. They're the same in my mind. Happy derby, everybody, tomorrow. Thank you so much. These are so good.

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{"duration":"4:45","description":"Tim Laird (\"The Bourbon Country Cookbook\") is mixing mint juleps and making bourbon treats. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62804665","title":"The perfect Kentucky Derby party spread","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/perfect-kentucky-derby-party-spread-62804665"}