Get ready to watch Shangela from 'RuPaul's Drag Race' work the runway on 'GMA Day'

Shangela teaches Michael Strahan and Sara Haines the three most important mantras to nailing an audition.
6:22 | 11/07/18

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Transcript for Get ready to watch Shangela from 'RuPaul's Drag Race' work the runway on 'GMA Day'
Dave courier did mayday inside about the rallies are addition our next guest of a true queen of of reality TV you know her best move falls drag race. Take a look. Do I. I'm. I don't think I have been here. Okay okay Chile it'll only contestant to compete three different times on rogue files so did you. What was your most memorable experience of all of that well you know I'm a legendary comeback wing true account but my most. Memorable experience if never winning. Hot and his other job but never want but I've never giving up. Let's give me so much great perseverance I just keep coming back con. For the fair that Arabs that you hadn't won that competition but at the same time you are winning in life you're doing pretty well but. I'm a working girl yeah I don't really care. So when we talk about five hopefully yours I'd hope who isn't exactly a small one. For poor. You're 888. Dieter or person of the arts. In a that a point you were in when my favorite movie and a look at one of my only if you haven't seen as one that this movie that the star is born yet. Only radical relating guy got the pictures. Well you know I'm from Paris Texas a very small town so now to be in this film I feel like Cinderella label please don't let it be midnight. Am okay. When you think back to that first season of her posture every did you ever magic years later. He would literally be in a film with Oscar ballots no. I'll always imagined myself working because it's about going out there and put in the work in to make your dreams come true but I never thought he could hear the good. You know. I'm here I'm would you guys it's an amazing. Feeling you know you're passing your drive that's what you're fans love you and we found super failed. Who you help out earlier name has been yet to the working actress and writer here in New York. A unit helped their value you've you've been able to hold make all the could you want heard to channel her inner diva on her next big interview that she had or are obvious in the gonna bring her out right now everybody welcome vignette. Here at Graham didn't seeing happen. She appreciated that you love so much first why does want to stay here. I'm not stuck. Yeah. I'm. No matter I love you sandy because you exude such a fierce confidence and and it's infectious and but I love how when you came on the scene and jagr ACL a had a few months of experience under your belt. The U still entire show and all of our hearts because you believe in yourself. And I just wanna know it what advice do you have for me as far as tapping into that well confidence when I walk into August and July I understand you can't fool me go yeah. I love I love to share this because I think so many people are out they're going for their dreams in Yahoo! and has so much talent just so now let me give you the look X is not open a little cut up. Now first I say you have to really you have to feel when you going that audition room you want to look at whatever they're asking for for the role you have to go as. Black Marilyn Monroe to get briefly put lady got out well in the film who aren't their phenomenal. What you gonna look at so that's first I like to give us a little extra okay. And you can see them make over like we put a little extra Schumer right here in the highlight cut that glass sheet bottled carry. Copy of the letter on the I just some of them you know give a little extra data bald lip let them see where the words that come in from the and. The second thing I like to do is make sure you feeling you wanna get a miracle came ha ha ha ha come nationality act. Well I think in the nearer like this and I to look like they're not to say these words. You are you don't want you all you know that's the now. You're the one they're looking for you feel when you walk in the room and there you walk in the room got to walk can't Heidi you have to do allowed to call. Workdays are. Little work connection over yet yet though I'm. Yeah. I have a lot of beyoncé mum when you Philip they have look at that you know the win came from India. You walk you just one out walk into feel the momentum. Yeah. I'm and okay. Okay. Okay.

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{"duration":"6:22","description":"Shangela teaches Michael Strahan and Sara Haines the three most important mantras to nailing an audition. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59032892","title":"Get ready to watch Shangela from 'RuPaul's Drag Race' work the runway on 'GMA Day'","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/ready-watch-shangela-rupauls-drag-race-work-runway-59032892"}