RHONY Dorinda Medley on Luann, Dorindos and more

The Real Housewives star spills the tea with Michael and Sara.
9:07 | 02/22/19

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Transcript for RHONY Dorinda Medley on Luann, Dorindos and more
We are wrapping up "Real housewives" week with the ultimate hostess with the mostest from "Real housewives of New York." Please welcome Dorinda medley. I got you. Come on over. Thank you. Hi. How are you? Wonderful to see you. Come on over here. Don't forget me. We hugged in the dressing room. We're going to do it again. How about that? Double up. How are you? Thank you for being here. We're good. How are you? I'm excited about the new season. March 6th. You have a clip of that. Let the games begin. Let's look at the upcoming seasons. Stay out of it. Make me. I'm miserable. Now you're being -- You're not listening to me. I'm so mad. I'm literally miserable. To all being in a pretty good place. That's right. What do you think? You think you can do that job the. I'm looking, like, this seems like a calm season which is far from it. No. We're closing out our "Housewives" week, and the bosses are mad at us. We haven't gotten any inside details. No one has spilled the beans. We need you to give us some spoilers. Just a baby spoiler. I have got my officer here watching very carefully not to tell any secrets. As she watches -- I have an electric thing on me. Every time I give too much information, it buzzes me, but listen. There are a lot of fun things going on. I did a great '80s aerobics class, and people. I'm getting along great with Sonya. Can you imagine? Sonya and I are actually very good friends this year. What? This year. Yes. Seasons change. But if you could switch places with any housewife from any show -- Oh, I know. Who would you switch with and why would you do it? I think -- I don't know if there is an individual, but I think if I could switch to another franchise, I would do Beverly hills. Why? The sun? The New York housewives, we're kind of tough and go getting and always stressed out and screaming and yelling and reacting. Very city-ish. Yes. And Beverly hills, they have all the toys and the sun and those big, huge houses. They have cars because here you don't. Everybody seems so laid back and glamorous. We're just such a different kind of franchise and that's why people like different franchise for different reasons. Exactly. I want to wear a visor and have all those dogs like Lisa vanderpump and rolls-royces and restaurants. It's great. The fancy stuff. And Barbara K. She's knew to the season, but she's not officially a housewife? Not holding an apple. She's a friend. Is that like being an associate at a law firm? Did you see Ramona's interview about it? No. She was, like, she's not a housewife. She's a friend. She's not holding an apple. I was, like, oh my gosh. What's the pecking order? What does it take to go from that friend or the associate to a housewife? Well, you'll understand it. It's kind of like being on varsity or JV. Oh. So you play -- you play the game, but there is the varsity team and then the JV. I'm clearly part of the varsity team. Clear But, like, practice squad. You practice, but you really don't -- Barbara is a great girl. It's just -- it's a fit, you know? I never thought I would love doing it. I was asked a couple of times to do it and I was, like, what's so interesting about my life or why would I like it? But I'll tell you something. My first day of filming, that camera went on and I was, like, I like the camera and the camera was, like, and I like you and it was off to the races we went. It's true. The full housewife status, when you are not a friend, but a housewife, do you get a parking spot? The apple. The apple sounds like a perk. The apple. You know, when they put -- every season it's so bizarre. It becomes so part of your mental. When they are, like, okay, Dorinda. Hold the apple. I made it again! They put the apple in your hand and you literally are, like, ?????? you know? This isn't a complete spoiler, but feel free to throw one in if you need to. Go ahead. You and Luann hit a rough patch last season. Very tough for me. Where do you stand right now? We're in a good place right now. We had to go through some stuff. You have to remember, Luann isn't a show friend. I have known her for a long, long time. Also a housewife. Also a housewife, and it was a very hurtful time I think for both of us, and a confuing te because we couldn't -- there is this value added thing when you are on a show trying to work out a relationship. There's a lot of pressure, and she was hurt. I was hurt, and we had to go through it and you're going to see us go through it and it's difficult. I mean, I literally used to go home and cry about it because I couldn't separate it out. Oh my god. I would call my mother up and be, like -- yeah. I cried. I think I cried to John. I cried to Mona about it because I really -- I couldn't understand it, you know? I couldn't understand why we -- It's like therapy playing out on screen. Your friendship. We had someone here early in the week and they were, like, if you have a problem, it's not like the cameras go off and it's over and you work it out. You have to work it out on camera. That's what's great about ife and being on the show. It's truly -- I said this after -- when I first went on and someone said to me, oh my god. Do you think the housewives could ruin your life? I said, strangely. I think they kind of save my life. It's your personal therapy. Where else in the world can you go and work out your kinks? People are very accepting about the positives and negative about you. They rally for you. It's difficult sometimes. You get the haters and that's life, but pretty much, you know, the audience is very tolerant and kind. Cheering you on. And they have all been there. I have been there. I get that all the time. Thanks for doing that. Even during my period after Richard died, I can't tell you the people who were, like, thank you so much for being so honest about your experiences. Luann with her experience. With the sobriety, thank you so much. Back to rebuilding the business, you know? With Bethanie. We put it out there and I think people learn from us. Dare I say that? Yes. Life teaching. Yeah. Your passion though is entertainment. I cook, I clean, I decorate. You could have dinner with three people, dead or alive, who would you have dinner with? Three people. I like to have interesting, unusual people. I like to mix it up when I do a dinner party. That makes for interesting conversation. Yes. I have my favorite. R.B.G. Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She's, like, my hero. I would have Abigail Adams, John Adams' wife. She was such a strong, powerful woman and such a guidance to John Adams during those difficult times. Absolutely. And I would have rupaul. That's quite a dinner party. I like it. Interesting combos. Ruth Bader Ginsburg and rupaul hanging out. And they would get along beautifully. I'm sure. Are you going to have an Oscar party, and if somebody is, can you give them advice on the dos and do you know how to party. I think the key to a good dinner party is mixing it up. Yep. I definitely hate when people sit couples together, you know? You do it every night at home. Don't sit by your significant other. Get to know new people. Try never to speak of politics and always have name cards. Oh. It creates an ease of name cards, like, oh, I'm sitting here and who am I sitting by? There is an excitement in a name card I think. But you did invite a supreme court justice and the wife of a president and you don't want to talk politics. No. You set yourself up a little bit. Have you watched the documentary on both of them? When you watch the R.B.G. Documentary, you realize she's just this wonderful mother and wife and counsel to her children and you forget that she's a supreme court judge, you know? We love our food around here. Yeah. There is nothing more delicious than a bag of dorindos. We wanted to give you that little gift. I love that. We have it in cool ranch also. That's amazing. We want to make sure we take care of you. That's your Oscar party. Serve them. How about that? Yes. And the new season of "The real housewives of New York City" premieres March 6th on Broadway. Bravo. Bravo. Bravo.

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