Sara and Michael try out the HOT new health trend

How you can try out the new sauna trend without going to the gym.
2:28 | 09/24/18

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Transcript for Sara and Michael try out the HOT new health trend
Motivation from the founder of the popular Obama's site behind Barry. Given for not cool Barry. Trend for you and you don't even have to set foot into the gym that's right welcome to be in Fred sonic guys let's. These guys are amazing there an alternative for the sweetest on up. The use infrared technology instead of calls to keep you up to you can get really hot. In about five minutes for Connecticut if you look at yeah imminent you can watch a book (%expletive) you can spell ins to grant even moving your arms right here. And here you go you haven't of them have little roller I'm gonna give you London and anyone think he does 240. Degrees. You can sitting here from five to twenty minutes to get a really racy topped the buying flat. Now for someone you doesn't have. One of these sitting around I think I'm happy to the benefits of some this OK and you don't have to have a station like that sent home all you have to do a controller Michael. I'm put money on a microphone down nearly eight out notes you don't control and I'm not unlike golf. Will come over there I thought. Yeah well you got little hotter they got the hundred importing and I don't think upon. And then appeared all you have to do if you don't have one of these at home you get you get one of those big apps themselves that's. And you dump it into hot fat and you sit effort by that it needed deep deep topped the buying sweat and held it with water retention and it. Yeah my back feel better. Who visited his inclination is excellent if you're new mom I have a three month old at home much she knots I got three month halt yup I hop into here. And they did what happened this is what have been. It reduces water retention inclination you don't have to go to the Jen you can to sit there watch Dancing With The Stars. Watch Sunday Night Football whatever you want will only water I retain them blew the Booth I don't I. I'm hot I'm a little too high at the so let me get a little cooler. He. I may not yet. Okay. I'm yeah okay. Greater than me. Something right my life Michael okay we are gonna check out thinking still might take final hole but get down on dairy which opens today rate your New York City.

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{"duration":"2:28","description":"How you can try out the new sauna trend without going to the gym.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58045013","title":"Sara and Michael try out the HOT new health trend","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/sara-michael-hot-health-trend-58045013"}