Sara and Michael get the key to Schitt's Creek

Catherine O'Hara, Eugene Levy and the cast present Michael and Sara with the ultimate fan gift.
6:20 | 01/17/19

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Transcript for Sara and Michael get the key to Schitt's Creek
adopted family. They didn't agree to this. I put myself in there. The cast of one of my favorite shows. Put 'em up, guys. Give it up for Emily reed, Annie Hampshire. Catherine O'Hara, Eugene levy and Daniel levy. Noah reed. When you're doing a show like this? Yes, we're going to keep on doing it. When you're on a show, you don't know if you'll have a hit or not. At what point did you realize that, we're on to something. This is good. People are enjoying this? I don't know if we do realize that yet. Really? Because I'm wearing the t-shirt. Well, now I do. This is the moment. This is the moment right here. For me, I think it was, um, I went to a -- my favorite pizza place down the street from me. And I was given -- I was gifted a pizza. Whoa. By my now friend Robert. At the pizza place. Not only was I given an entire pizza. I was given all of the stale slices from earlier that day. And I was like -- wow, wow, wow. I have arrived. There's like, a smattering of applause from people. I don't know if that's a good thing. Nothing says success like pizza and stale pizza. You know you're good when you're getting the stale pieces. That's why we do this. As someone who loves comedy, I sit around and imagine you guys just all sitting around and laughing at everyone constantly, because the material is hilarious. I learned that is not professional. Catherine taught me this. We're actors. We have a job. I did hear there's a giggler among you. Has someone on this cast giggled during scenes ever? I don't want to give the -- It ain't me. I think we have footage of that actually. Can you tell us about the giggle? Whenever Chris Elliott was teaching you how to play golf from behind, you -- there it is. So -- That's great. That's great. We got -- like, punished by the director. He could not stop laughing. Chris does that to him. If Chris can get me going, yes. It happens from time to time. You know. But, but -- we try not to do that because sometimes it's hard to -- get back what you thought you had in a take. And it's -- you know what I mean? But -- uh -- I think it's healthy laughing on set, isn't it? Not -- On the show, though. I think when the cameras are rolling. It's not time or cost-effective to the show. I'm just living life. It's a philosophy. In life. In life. Absolutely. This is what I love, the father-son dynamic. Son schooling father about when to -- And then father schooling son on spirituality and laughing in life. It's always good. I have to ask you, Catherine, your character, Moira, her wigs and outfits are almost a character unto themselves. They are. But one of my favorite things, I've tried so hard to do it and I can't. Where in the heck is that accent from? That is not Canadian. No, it's -- um -- it's a -- it's a vocal set of souvenirs. From all my world travels. From everywhere. ??? I have been all around the world ??? I don't know. There's no affectation there. That's the main thing. No. It's working for you. Oh, yeah. I love it. I can't not do it. I have a question for you, Noah, and for the rest of the cast. As well. If you were in a place like -- what is the one thing that you would need to not go crazy? I feel like I would be kind of at home in a place like this. But I would say, like, smalltown living is all about your -- your toys. The things that you have to play with on a weekend, like I'm thinking like a snowmobile would be a good investment in the winters of -- yeah. Just like that. Just a help. There it is. What about the rest of you. What would you need? In you had one thing you had to have to keep you sane? I mean, having been in that motel and having -- internet akin to -- rotary dialing up to the worldwide web via netscape navigator. I would say higher speed internet. Higher speed internet. That's great. You need a bar and a bookshop or a bookshop/bar or a bar/bookshop. Kind of. I would say alcohol. That's the answer. Alcohol would be a staple. TV. TV. Or something to stream, like you said. I feel like I would, like, take up knitting. I would -- And you would wear those outfits. Oh, yeah. I would be knitting stuff. Sweaters. You would knit good sweaters. An, like, kettle cozies. That could be my smalltown vibe. I think. We're very appreciative that you're here. I heard you brought something. Oh, we did. Today. We knew that you were a very big fan of the show. How'd you know? We wanted to present you with an honorary key to the city of Creek. Oh, my god! I love this! Usually, usually when something like this happens, there's, like, a photographer for -- to pose for a photo. Oh, my god, you guys! Oh, the tears are flowing. She's a cryer. We got a cryer. She's tearing up. While Sara cries and hugs the cast, check out the show. Wednesdays on pop TV. If you want to laugh, it's a

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{"duration":"6:20","description":"Catherine O'Hara, Eugene Levy and the cast present Michael and Sara with the ultimate fan gift.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60447279","title":"Sara and Michael get the key to Schitt's Creek","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/sara-michael-key-schitts-creek-60447279"}