Are scary movies good for your children?

Plus, are we attracted to people who act like our parents? Is slow dating the way to go instead of swiping right or left? And 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' available for digital download
10:18 | 09/14/18

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Transcript for Are scary movies good for your children?
come to "A day" on is day. We hope everybody is having a good day Sr. Thank you. Ys are awesome by so energid. A big thanks to our audience announcer Rhonda fm eat job, Rhonda. Great job.k you guysor joinings. Hoare you dog first of all? It's Friday. I'm good. Tell about it. I'm always good on a Frid Good O a Frida our first Friday. I'm good on a Friday. Do you the week? I know have toe early. Wthe kids is one of us has to be home. Er so it'sifficult to go. Whnd go out, I'm still by 9:00.really? Then I know cutting io my sleep time which isngo be woken up sometimethght. You know how you know when you're gettinot old but R. Dring me on this age journey with Y much Slee yore missing instead of how much fun you're having. Ere you oulast night?enr last night. I goo dinner. I have to ask yodvice.what do yodo? M at dinner me and another friend johand we're having a discussion and we order some food. We order an apper. It' Y a restaurant. We orummus. Dered a salad. He's like do want to sre salad? I'm like wot on a date, share a salad we srealad. Maybe he was confused about at you were No, HSN't. I just the hummucomes, the salad co then a third buddy shows up. Sit down and havdrink with us. John srts eatinghe hummus, but starts double dipping. Oh ctly. Did he flip the pita over? N You can double dip if flip It strictly th. Is family? John's good fri B I don't geat close tmys. Yove T a decision abouhummus. Do go in or stay T? I'm gl I got in early before he did T here's the other thing. It was two of us W ordered the salad. En chows up. Oh He sits for a drink. Then the salad comes. I put a little bitmy plate. Johns a little his plate. I'm like the salad is good. I was LI I'm goingba puts it over there.even though he sn't invited's tting salad. Charles goes into your house and eats your food Yes When you te charles diyou know wt you signed F But he sat- Comeon, mil. In othewords you ow how yoriends areoing to act. You have too whoup. Charles is a unique birdhe shows up. He's G to be eat and nd double dipping like John you've got great friends. I S't be surprised then. I wanted some more salad les ate anite wasn't invited. When soone shows , you Ed to offewh you have. He's a gue at your table. You need to order another salad. Okay. Charge it michael. I hear that. We're his. Id are youungry? Hed no. Then the salad came and he got hungry. Don'do that. Bero thatalas mine. I do you don't want any.t S the righswer as ll. You want tbee. If you asked me, I would have said I'mood. Thenu slip fooin front of me, mamuld have eaten. I'm not asking you then. You know what everybody for good day/bad day. Bad day can be a go ahead S us off Kay. Well, first of all, it's a good day for armovies. You like em. I love this. Have a LI history. You're not a scary movie person icrealized woo late. We had gone toror films th Amy ch and theyotted you don't like them. Why do you doause I get spend ti wi you and Amy. You're worried about me saying no to an appetizer. Co get your porities stht. This istudy new ti trending titled "Iet my 4-year-old watch scary movies and N't feel B about it. Iu want to Al with the kid waking youin the made of the nig at's young. Probably wouldtthem, his. I know there are things I'm not doing right, but Amy's girls this is a funny St I went to baby-sit them. Her oldest was like 5. Yohe cool au. I ve them sod a everything a cool adoes. Thenhey said wreoing to watch "Mummy three." I saidt's a scaryovie. Th catch it. I let the watch I th when Amy lkin she's like what are they watching? I said they told me they could watch it 'T listen when a kid ss mommy lets me daddy lets me. Bryg kids tell me. You're not watching my ki They're 1 they're in the safe zone. My kids W be like ddy give allour money. It said the ofhtmares. Don't have lots of es? Wai 26% still expeencing residual anxiety. I didn't reathe way to the end. Maybe it's a no go. Nothis mommy Mae wait a couple extra years. Wait a few more years. Watched "The exorcist" when I was a kid. Go big or go home. I was done. T the movie screenewas"goose bum." Oh, that's nickelodeon. It DISN don'tay WHA it is because don'ow. Did scare you? Yes. Do you have resl anxiety? I don't W movies LI that. We watched N week. I was none too happy. Should he H pitched screams. I don't have a high pitch re I scream ah! Scared me a ltle. You and max, how did you meet On cupid. I N't pay for love. 'S free webse. Y pay for love. It was fres free and he gave me two babi. It was like partgifts. Not fromhe F date! Th few years. Oue it back now. It's too late. You put it out there. We go. Day for S dating. Okay. It's a bad day speed dating. They found if you're go be swipin you want S down. They wanople to gon a second date even if there isn't a spark on I D have thatind of me. They feel like you should go on a sd date andakit a seven-hour date. No. Guess. As an online dating success story, my advice is you only go fan hour. If you worou hour, you can afrd one hour to have one drink and you always have plans afterwards. You need an exit strategy. Ank you. G on how it goes, you proceed to your plans where you had ING else to Y is this he saho left wiwo parting gifts. Thinkax got parti gifts. Ohmy parents are watching. She had other hat do youill seven hours with?th meeting for coffee a K. Don't srt with a ink or that seven hours is going to get rent. Your parents are watching.r a walk. Then you visit a museum or exhibition. Thaa lot of tki Theu go on to dinner perhaps a CL here's the reasoning, you get to see the die personalit You don't need to see tin onday.u can give it time and spread it out. Ave you ev sdy Ork and they're like this and then you see them out and theye like we' gonna get lit! I'm going to Oka dood day. It is a good day for " "Solo, a star wars story" is avaie for digil release. And we have a special guest. Come on cheers andppe ] Chewy! Be here? Rightn the middle. How excited you, chewowling ] Ee rarely Happe Are you happy to be here?growling ] He's a huge "Gma day" fan. Guess at? Ever is Gome with a free dig C

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{"duration":"10:18","description":"Plus, are we attracted to people who act like our parents? Is slow dating the way to go instead of swiping right or left? And 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' available for digital download","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57827719","title":"Are scary movies good for your children?","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/scary-movies-good-children-57827719"}