Tory Johnson's Deals and Steals for home and kitchen gear

Today's exclusive discounts include anti-microbial sponges, fragrances, superchargers and more.
4:31 | 01/29/19

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Transcript for Tory Johnson's Deals and Steals for home and kitchen gear
Out of Tyler good socks before I gotta tip the pitch my product we're gonna show you want tomorrow episode. But if you want a VP you can check it out on FaceBook into Rick and Twitter at Sierra are at Strahan answered I met an MRI I can't hit it's very. You go there to see the injured could tank what might in genius ID. Yeah. If you can't get its deals on items you community kitchen and behind beyond it has always be our partner with these companies to meet you some exclusive deals and savings. That's a what do you for OK so first up bill marks helping in the kitchen when you are throwing the kitchen with his right sir or I'll begin airing Friday evening with herbs have learned that there is really something for all kinds of functions from greeting and slicing and chopping. Really did healed and partly from eleven to seventy dollar deal not okay. Start at 515 to thirty Matt Allen and yeah. I. Think I'm getting up there I don't know this is start a fight to win anywhere just sort of dirty sponge is yes Sony created is fun today and it is anti. My it's my call 800 microbial so that it's got no water no longer will stick in me and the coolest part is. This will change colors it will need it when it is time to change horse signs say you're not gonna get. How could it didn't he sign telling great guy he really didn't get normally twelve dollars for four members today six bucks and I. I've got a new analyst Alice so this talent is ultra absorbent that special fabric all throughout the orbiting the white but that water. It will also clean up any kind of dirt and dust and Ryan and a kitchen counter instead of using paper towels. Rather and yellow legal paper towels. Some extent and a talent so you'll get a stack of four of these normally 2.5 ballot but they're slashing half. Well sixty. It didn't come at me when your shirt for this horrible as a RE IRA. This isn't she out and the reason yeah. You all peel this off like yeah hot field is not. So where ever they are chest came need pain elbow pain wherever it is the thank you need a little cool parent call Monday. There needs to implode news. And normally would be deep knowledge that they're slashing a 26 bucks reusable these agreeing. Grand lowly all the time great yeah. So does Mills Lane free alternative to having fragrant at a meeting another little boy Max whack now either didn't like yeah. Toyota's plug in either incident also aims to insert either like a nice lifestyle yelling lady hasta spelled Angela thanks far in front of all. Which I like Arnold thank you need to know I did it anyway that's definitely county resident I don't out of one grape fruits. The letters not at the garden roses million. His great friend got real using what are clearly typically like let's just say Detroit I balance that's no one yet and I'm good at taking. Don't let anyone you and pat themselves normally depending on the size that you she was thirteen to forty dollars all classes have done everything you start his exit the and it makes and so. Yet but give us all fun. Yeah so everyone typically is fighting for the charter all the time no more fighting for the charger with fixed three I was seven devices can charge it wants if you guys like true. This right here is called Tiki tunes so it sounds. Bluetooth speaker with a little ambient lighting one he next record we got it supports. Everything he did for the car so long car travel on the go. We got you covered normally. Ten to eighty box but today this last assays are at five. I advanced. I don't want you like it may do so my story of the day you will are coming up here here and did when he. Honeybee PL.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"Today's exclusive discounts include anti-microbial sponges, fragrances, superchargers and more. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60703104","title":"Tory Johnson's Deals and Steals for home and kitchen gear","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/tory-johnsons-deals-steals-home-kitchen-gear-60703104"}