Tory Johnson's Deals and Steals: smart solutions for home and on the go

Get in on some of these incredible deals for the Blanquil, Tubshroom and more.
4:55 | 03/05/19

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Transcript for Tory Johnson's Deals and Steals: smart solutions for home and on the go
Johnson's "Deals & steals." All these deals are smart solutions for home and on the go and as always, we partnered with the companies to bring you guys incredible deals. What are we starting with itself? We'll we're starting with a weighted blanket. That's a 20-pound one. There's 20 pounds and 15 pounds. Whoa. That is designed to distribute pressure evenly across your body to simulate a little hug because when you have got that pressure -- Oh my gosh. It's like you're paying for a spoon partner. It's not in lieu of a spoon partner. You can still have one. It helps you sleep, right? It helps you relax so you go to sleep faster, longer, better sleep. What's great about this particular brand -- Go to sleep. Guys, it's -- Security guys. What's great about it is the cover allows you to easily wash it. What's the deal? I have thought about one of these to help me sleep. Normally $169. They're slashed in half, $84.50. That's a great deal. That's a great deal. So when you have got guys throwing blankets at you, you need one of these, a blingsting. A blingsting? Yep. You see that little red button? Oh my gosh. A warning? I did give a warning. If someone's throwing blankets at you, you need one of these. That's your warning. I thought they were friendship rings or something. You would carry that on your purse, your backpack, anywhere that you are on the go and it has got obviously a loud alarm on it. Press it again to turn it off. There you go. It has also got a great led light on it as well. The led light, this is literally be safe, be seen on the go. Normally -- especially great for girls. Normally $23, slashed by 52%, 11 bucks. And you. And you. Also for on the go. Someone was telling me their credit cards have been swiped. Hacked, yeah. If you have got contactless cards, credit cards, this rfid protection so you can either get the whole wallet or just the card. If you slip this card in your wallet, that's all you need. This card in your wallet. No charging or batteries or nothing. That's good to go. We have a key fob one, a passport holder depending on what your needs are. Signal vault has something for you. This guy was on "Shark tank," a super smart company. Normally $12.50 to $30. All slashed in half. $6.25 to $15. These are on the go. Either you have a fancy small bottle and you want your perfume with you on the go, but you don't want to risk either breaking it or it's not TSA compliant. Yes. That's where travel-o comes in. These are all tiny TSA compliant automizers and you get to spray perfume right into there, and you can take -- it's 65 sprays on the go. You get your favorite scent with you at all times and you don't worry about preserving your good stuff. Yeah. $10 to 40 regularly. What's the deal? Today they start at just $5. That's a great idea. Yeah. Okay. Now we're moving into the kitchen and bathroom. The tub shroom. So if you have -- if your hair like mine shreds in the tub, and you don't have to worry about this one. I have that problem. It will collect all the hair so it's not going to make -- clog the drain or make the water back up and that's for the kitchen sink. So if you are washing dirty dishes and you have got food particles -- Coming in. What winds up happening is the water flow stops and the water gets backed up and it's kind of gross. This will collect the food particles, but not stop the flow of water. I love this. This is brilliant. A set of them and you can get two or one. Whatever you choose. Normally $26. Slashed in half, 13 bucks. 13 bucks. It will save you from calling the plumber. It will save you. A plumber is a lot more expensive than 13 bucks. Do they have buttons on them? No. Zip my dress is the most genius travel companion. Corey is here to demo it for us. If you travel alone and wear dresses. Clip this on before you step into your dress and then boom. Zip it up all by yourself. You can use it on the front too. Yes. Brilliant. There you go. How do you open it? I don't have it. Use your fingers there and zip that up too. See how that goes? Normally $25. Slashed in half, $12.50, and they're throwing in free shipping. Everyone in our audience -- thank you so much, Tory. You're going home with products

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"Get in on some of these incredible deals for the Blanquil, Tubshroom and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61483494","title":"Tory Johnson's Deals and Steals: smart solutions for home and on the go ","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/tory-johnsons-deals-steals-smart-solutions-home-61483494"}