Amazon opens its first cashierless grocery store

The new brick-and-mortar grocery store is cutting time spent in line with its “just walk out” technology.
2:47 | 02/26/20

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Transcript for Amazon opens its first cashierless grocery store
the way we shop and opened the first store with no cashiers. Awe you need to check out is an app. Becky Worley has all the details. Good morning, George. The average wait in a grocery store checkout line is 7 1/2 minutes. If you go twice a week we're talking 13 hours a year. So the idea of a grocery store where you just grab your items and there's no checkout, yes! Just swipe in, shop and go. Amazon go. The company launching their first full cashierless grocery store expanding their similar convenience stores to a 10,000 square foot grocery space in Seattle for Amazon members. While smaller than your average supermarket it stocks roughly 5,000 items including fresh produce, dairy, meats, bakery treats and alcohol. The big plus, no waiting in line to check out. This is super convenient. It's about getting you in and out of the store as fast as possible and on to making your dinner or eating your lunch. That's kind of the target consumer is this very busy working person in a city. Reporter: To enter you need the Amazon app, shoppers scan it in at the turnstile and same technology used in self-driving car, cameras, sensors and wireless communication track everything you take off the shelf. Now, Amazon says that multiple family members can shop on the same account. But you don't want to help someone grab that item on a high shelf because that will be charged to you not them. Amazon is able to tell with these cameras in the ceiling when you pick something up and decide you want it and can calculate the price immediately. Reporter: What about that friendly cashier or people who bag groceries? The united food and commercial workers international union called Amazon a clear and present danger to millions of good jobs. Amazon claims they're not taking jobs away telling ABC in a statement no other u.s.-based company has created more jobs than Amazon. Saying the stores come with great compensation and benefits for employees. It's unclear how it will affect grocery stores in the future. But it's clear that Amazon is moving the grocery game forward and that we all wish this process moved faster. A life without checkout lines, sign me up. Now, it's a paradigm shift for sure. It's weird to just bag as you go and then walk out of the store, but that's the big draw. In fact, robin, Amazon calls it just walk out technology. In other stores that's actually still called shoplifting, though. That's true. We got to keep that in mind. I'm going to miss the interaction with the cashier and the jobs that could possibly be lost because of that but anyway to each their own.

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"The new brick-and-mortar grocery store is cutting time spent in line with its “just walk out” technology.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69226653","title":"Amazon opens its first cashierless grocery store","url":"/GMA/Living/video/amazon-opens-cashierless-grocery-store-69226653"}