How to boost your online dating profile in 2019

Author and relationship expert Demetria Lucas shares tips ahead of what is considered the biggest day of the year for online dating.
4:04 | 01/03/19

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Transcript for How to boost your online dating profile in 2019
Thank you very much for that. Now to those who have hopes of love. We're going to talk about online dating this new year. says this Sunday will be its busiest day of the year predicted in almost 70% spike in new singles on the platform so when will these people meet? Well, next week on so-called first date Friday. Relationship expert author Demetria Lucas is here with the best ways to turn that online chat into a real-life romance. Yes. Thank you. Thank you. Online dating apps are so popular. They are. What is the number one rule when you're using these apps. The number one rule is to know when to get off the app. So many people, they try to date online. Online date something a bit of a misnomer. You want to meet people there but get to a date so you talk to them online for a little bit. You try to get a phone conversation within under a week and then you try to get to that date. The dating is the goal. The dating is always the goal. Now, you have seen 60,000 questions and answers online. We have questions for you. Your first one. I'm Sam. I have this really cute picture of me and my nephew I want to use on my dating profile but do you think that's weird? It's a little weird. It's a little weird. So if I go on a dating profile I want to meet the person who's presenting themself. I don't want to know about your nephew. I don't want to know about your kids. I'm swiping through and only have five to seven pictures. Show me your best picture so, Sam, I know she has amazing photos in her phone. Pick another amazing photo without the kid in it. Without the kid because they're like there's a kid in it. I have this great photo on my phone and there's a man, a cute little kid. I'm looking at the cute little kid. I'm not looking at the man. Kids are distracting. Right? Look at the man. Focus on the person who you're trying yourself. Not your whole lifestyle. Save that for your -- for your about yourself comments. A good tip for the profile. We have a single friend in the audience, Sara from Virginia. Sara has a question. How much time a day should I look at online dating apps. I don't want to miss anyone. Going on the app is part of your life, not the whole life. So about ten minutes a day, mornings are better than late nights because that sends a different con know take and swipe through and see if you can find five people who you think are attractive and get off the app and wait for them to respond. Don't do it at work. Another question from Jake who is from Asbury park. You mentioned about taking the conversation off the apps to real life. When do you know it's the right time to make that exchange of phone numbers? The back and forth on the app is just an opportunity to get the who, the what, the when. When you start getting into the whys and explanation responses that take more than two or three sentences, that's when you say, you know what, that's a great question. I'd love to chat with you about it and talk with you about it. Hint, hint, we should exchange numbers. Do you put the hint, hint part in there. You know what, some people put the hint, hint. People are interesting online. Absolutely no doubt. And then our last question is Melanie from Dallas, Texas, Melanie, what do you have for us. All this information has been really insightful but what is the best way to grab their attention online. Flattery will get you everywhere. Whatever made you swipe on that person. You thought they had a beautiful smile. You liked what they were wearing. You thought they posted a picture from a awe sneak location. Say I saw that you love to travel or I really liked your smile. You just want to get people engaged and ask open-ended questions so they're not just saying yes or no but want them to give a little insight. A little something-something for you to work with. When all fails ask for friends and families for hookups. People who were single got bombarded with questions like why aren't you in a relationship. Tell those people if you want me to be in a relationship, you need to hook me up. Who do you know, where are your

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{"id":60136616,"title":"How to boost your online dating profile in 2019","duration":"4:04","description":"Author and relationship expert Demetria Lucas shares tips ahead of what is considered the biggest day of the year for online dating.","url":"/GMA/Living/video/boost-online-dating-profile-2019-60136616","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}