Do’s and don’ts for wearing and cleaning masks

The CDC advises all masks should allow for breathing without restriction, fit snugly but comfortable and include multiple layers of fabric.
3:14 | 05/14/20

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Transcript for Do’s and don’ts for wearing and cleaning masks
Now with what you should know about Max you know be face coverings are essential for the new normal and one of the ways we can help protect our neighbors. Regularly joins us from San Francisco but how to shop for we'll. Good morning they're Becky how you do it. Good morning Robin I'm doing well but not all masks are created equal snow buying wine is a challenge. What they're made of how they fit and how you care for them all affect their usefulness. This surgical plea. The adjustable even the mass accessory. But not. Always one size its look online in you'll see into Graham an anti overflowing with them. Big name fashion brands customizing them. They fit more fired an off. Small medium large excellent fit helps with the adjustable strap. And many touting the comfort and efficacy of masks for sale. The CDC advising all mass should allow for breeding without restriction fits snugly but comfortably. And include multiple layers of fabric which can help prevent the spread of the virus. Tightly woven cotton costs. Something approximating that we have a Bandana certainly not a lease or we like the kind of material or net notice letter is made out. Holes and not but material she marched. But anything toothpick can we strict reading. So the sweet spot is actually to find one it's comfortable and reasonable enough that you're not taking it on and off and touching your faith. Soft ear loops or adjustable bands can make a big difference many come with bendable wire over the nose bridge. That's things that you are make sure that amassed. Mostly on tastes. Matt getting properly there is actually being finals. Down a word and in the works. On the side that amassed directly answer the nostrils and answered it. And that's exactly what we don't want. Now for some mask don't noble says don't go more than a day or two without cleaning at the washing machine and a thorough dryer TW. Might opt for something cute like sequence or glitter are expert doesn't recommend us as they can make bad luck poorest can harbor bacteria more than cloth. And B if she so we touch or face more. To light cotton of a tightly you think high thread count sheets is one of the best fabrics for masks one way to test is to hold it up to the light at the sky. And if you see light through it is probably too porous the less transparency. The better Robin even on a cloudy day I can see this one was just not up to snuff. Both grad get a hold it up to light like that had Becky what do you think about those neck gators style coverings that we're seeing so much. I think a lot of guys especially wearing these now these are designed to be read the bulls for sport for outdoor activities. So experts worried they can be too porous as well some you know really made for that breeds ability out here in California also. It's warm and these things are getting hot this is gonna get harder as summer season. Probably so. All right Becky thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"The CDC advises all masks should allow for breathing without restriction, fit snugly but comfortable and include multiple layers of fabric. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70676902","title":"Do’s and don’ts for wearing and cleaning masks","url":"/GMA/Living/video/dos-donts-wearing-cleaning-masks-70676902"}