How to flip over your flea-market finds

Expert fixers from HGTV's "Flea Market Flip" share top tips and tricks for making your bargain buys feel brand new.
2:39 | 06/13/18

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Transcript for How to flip over your flea-market finds
There is nothing better than a couple of hours on a weekend morning strolling through an amazing flea market in search of indictments in the rough. Nobody has a better eye than my team from "Flea market flip." These are the master fixers who can spot up-cycle potential in just about anything. Take a look. A vintage bicycle becomes a bar. These old chairs are now a chic bench. And this beat up street sign is up-cycled into a bookshelf. Hi, everybody, I'm Lara Spencer and this is "Flea market flip." For 12 seasons and hundreds and hundreds of flips this is a great find. You can actually wire this and they make the most gorgeous light fixtures above a kitchen island. The secret weapon on "Flea market flip" has always been the fixers. Hi, "Gma." Meet my "Flea market flip" flip family. It's our team of master craftsmen and women who use their expertise to help our teams transform their finds. It's something completely different. You've never seen. I've never made a laundry basket -- Into a desk. Never. Like our own Amy robach and her husband Andrew Shue who transformed this old toolbox, the finished product will be featured in our celebrity showdown episodes. This old toolbox is now a very chic bar complete with cutting board. With experience comes wisdom so we asked our fixers for their best tip, tricks and tools. Fixers, let's do this, people. First they say it's all about finding the junk with the best potential. You don't want to go to the place that's everything is really expensive unless, you know, that's your bag but if you're looking for flips you want the best prices. Cash is kingment you don't get much bargaining power when using plastic, so bring plenty of cash. Reporter: Once your find is home it's time to think about how to transform it. Keep it simple. Something that is actually obtainable for you. Reporter: Like this old thing, a 1940s barbershop cabinet. This is a great flip. Reporter: Once back at the workshop it was all hands on deck to bring it back to life. And, guys, here it is, this 1940s cabinet, barbershop cabinet. All the tools would be in it was $40. We painted this green, look what we did on the inside. Beautiful. We added lights and turned it into a little bar. We added a little mirror on top. Pieces like this refurbed are on websites like etsy for $600. Great design. 40 bucks. All right. You got it. Check out the new season of "Flea market flip" Sundays.

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"Expert fixers from HGTV's \"Flea Market Flip\" share top tips and tricks for making your bargain buys feel brand new. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55859936","title":"How to flip over your flea-market finds","url":"/GMA/Living/video/flip-flea-market-finds-55859936"}