‘GMA’ celebrates 2 high school basketball teams

LaGrange High School repeated their title win as Class 4A state champions, and St. Louis Catholic took home the trophy for Division II -- their first championship in over 30 years.
4:32 | 03/08/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘GMA’ celebrates 2 high school basketball teams
now to celebrating some queens of the court. Four basketball teams from southwest Louisiana winning state championships this season. Fairview, lake author, St. Louis and Lagrange. We revisited after back-to-back hurricanes ravaged those areas. Joining us now is Lagrange, repeated their title win and St. Louis took he the title for the first time in 30 years. Myca, let me start with you, congratulations. You're there with your fellow St. Louis teammates. I remember meeting with you guys and what was it like that moment when you won the first state title for your school in three decades? What was that like, myca? It was so emotional. It felt like a relief, it felt really, really great. We've been through so much and my third time being there and to finally win it, it felt like a really great feeling. You've even got coach Johnson he promised he was going to dance if the locker room. Yes, we got him to. What da you think of his moves, dance moves? They're real cool. Real cool. You got one more year to play under him, yes, you're going to show him some love you know what, I hope all your families are doing well. We continue to think of you all in that area. Your court was damaged you had to practice elsewhere, how did you persevere, push through this season? It was tough, especially playing 31 games on the road. I think what helped us the most was being a team and having each other's backs and like the support system is from the parents, to the coaches, to the teammates, that helped us. Cross town, you know, back-to-back championships, Lagrange. Going to bring in jeriah right now. Congratulations to you and your tell us how you got through this challenging year. Basically as a team, we just faced, zoom calls, communicated the whole time. Like to practice and stuff. We never lost touch with each other. Yeah, that communication you had with one another. I heard when you leaving the hotel to go to the big game, something happened? Oh, yeah, we got stuck on an elevator, it was pretty scary, I didn't know how long we're going to be on there, we got out under an hour and were able to get ready for the game. Jeriah, you're a senior, 4.0. Myca has 4.0 average, terrific. You're going to play for some other gators, you signed with the university of Florida, wow, are you so excited about the next chapter for you? I'm just excited to take my talents from Lagrange to there. Well, you have some immense talent. This is the quietest I think I have seen both of these teams in forever. You're being on your best behavior, your southern hoitality manners are showing. I got to tell you, we continue to root for you and your families. Hey, guys, a little bit of a surprise to share, let the rest of your teammates know, we're sending over a celebratory lunch for all of you today. Share that with your teammates and let them know. But congratulations. Thanks so much to both. All right.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"LaGrange High School repeated their title win as Class 4A state champions, and St. Louis Catholic took home the trophy for Division II -- their first championship in over 30 years. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76317947","title":"‘GMA’ celebrates 2 high school basketball teams ","url":"/GMA/Living/video/gma-celebrates-high-school-basketball-teams-76317947"}