‘GMA’ surprises ‘Lasagna Lady’ who feeds front-line workers with $10K

Michelle Brenner lost her job and began making lasagna amid the pandemic, baking nearly 1,300 lasagnas to help feed health care workers and those in need.
5:25 | 06/30/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘GMA’ surprises ‘Lasagna Lady’ who feeds front-line workers with $10K
We have an inspiring story to share with you about Michele Brenner. She earned the title lasagna lady. I'm the lasagna lady. Michelle Brenner earned her new nickname in March after she lost her job. When I was furloughed I'm just like everybody else on unemployment, unsure of the future. I had a choice, I could sit and be nervous or afraid or I could do what I could with my ability to just help others through Reporter: She started shopping for those in her community who couldn't leave their homes. A gentleman that I deliver to in his 90s made a comment he hadn't had fresh food in five weeks. It just hit me right in the heart and I think it's at that moment that I felt that it was my calling to do better. Reporter: Michelle took her stimulus check, bought ingredients and started to cook posting on Facebook you have a die-hard full Italian lasagna lover living in your town and inviting anyone to pick up a fresh lasagna for free. I made lasagnas 90 days in a row. And during that 09 days I never felt like I was at work. Hi. Reporter: And Michelle's devotion inspired her neighbors. The whole community donating time, money and spirit. My community has really supported each other and really taken to that. It's just amazing to see the smiles that people walk around with when somebody picks up a lasagna. It's just an awesome way to support one another. And Michelle Brenner joins us now. Thanks for joining us. Thank you for everything you have done. Such an amazing story. Hello. From lasagna lane, you're in gig harbor, Washington. Great to see you this morning. I was told in the last few months you bought out four whole counties of lasagna noodles so how many lasagnas have you made? Well, to date in just under three months I've made just under 1300 lasagnas. I believe 1274 to be exact. That is just incredible. And it all started with that story we told a little bit about the piece. You met one man who told you he ha't had a fresh meal in weeks. What was it about that encounter that hit you so hard? You know, I remember that day very clearly. I remember walking up to his door and the deliveries including a frozen lasagna and I remember in a conversation with him his not having any fresh food or any food from the grocery store in five or six weeks and when I left there, I just remember this feeling in my heart and I left there with that feeling of knowing that I could do better and I really took it upon myself to be better the next day than I was that day. And I ended up leaving there, going home and making lasagna and just reaching out to my community and offering lasagna. And the community has responded in such a positive way. Absolutely. We have such a great community involvement. Our lasagnas have gone all over the state, even neighboring states now. We've fed many frontline workers, hospitals, retail staff, you name it, we've definitely provided lasagna for them. We have some right here right before I take a bite I want to ask you, tell you a little about a surprise we have for you as well. You know, so many people have been inspired by what you did giving up your stimulus check to begin all this and the kiwi company learned about the amazing work you're doing and want to help you as well. So they're gifting you a check for $10,000. Oh, you're going to make me cry. Wow! You know, I'm a lady of a thousand words and I think right now you've taken that from me. Wow. You earned it and have done so much good. They're not even stopping there. They have -- if you are wondering what the bowl of kiwis is in front of you, do they have that there? No. Now they do. Zespri will donate 23,000 kiwi fruit to help spread your sweetness in the community as well. Oh. How awesome is that? Well, I'm truly touched. I am truly honored to be a part of this. What aim going to call the lasagna legacy and food movement. Thank you very much. You have created an amazing legacy and an amazing movement. We just love your spirit. We love the smile on your face and we hope you continue to spread that joy all around your community. Thanks for joining us this morning. Absolutely.

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{"duration":"5:25","description":"Michelle Brenner lost her job and began making lasagna amid the pandemic, baking nearly 1,300 lasagnas to help feed health care workers and those in need. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71527989","title":"‘GMA’ surprises ‘Lasagna Lady’ who feeds front-line workers with $10K ","url":"/GMA/Living/video/gma-surprises-lasagna-lady-feeds-front-line-workers-71527989"}