Meet the podcasters who review Hallmark movies

Brandon Gray, Daniel Pandolph and Daniel Thompson, hosts of the breakout "Deck the Hallmark," talk about their viral podcast live on "GMA."
6:45 | 11/08/18

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Transcript for Meet the podcasters who review Hallmark movies
They're great, right? And yesterday, news" you told us about these guys who deck the hallmark podcast. You know, three guys on a mission and their mission is to watch and review every hallmark Christmas movie that there is. There are a lot of them. 37. 37 movies. Oh, my gosh. This morning they are broadcasting live here in times square. Yes, they are. So please welcome Brandon, Daniel and Daniel Thompson. Hello. Hello, fellows. Hot chock. Drink it up. Peppermint. We go all out here on "Gma." Oh. You guys, each of you have very different opinions on Christmas movies. And each of you starts an episode by revealing what they are. What your differences are. Show us how you introduce I'mselves. I'm Brandon. I love like crazy these hallmark Christmas movies. I like holemark Christmas movies. They're okay. I'm on board. I'm, Dan, I'm your new favorite. I -- listen, I get it, you love the movies. You love to snuggle up in front of the fire and watch you some Christmas movies. I really don't like these movies. He is the only one without a Christmas sweater and hat. That's right, sorry. But you like them. I love these guys in the podcast. Talk to me about the genesis of this. It started with you. Yeah, like April I was kind of sad because it wasn't Christmas. And I was thinking about these movies and I was like, I just want to watch these movies now and I want to watch it with my friends and I knew this guy especially would never agree to it. Accurate. And so I said what if I made it a podcast and like, you know, tricked them into doing it kind of and he said yeah an here we are. Please ignore the microphones. Go on. It was one of those where I said I'll do one in the summer. It's dumb, it's stupid. We'll watch one movie and never talk about it. We did one, the lead actor called us, he wanted to come on the podcast. He thought it was hilarious. Next thing we arary here and I got to watch all 37 of them. That's why you got him involved. Can you tell us a little bit more why. You admit you're not into it. I love Christmas. I do. Like I love being around family. I understand that and here's the other thing, hallmark is creating a moment and that moment is you know what the ending of this movie is going to be and you like it, right? You like it. Listen, everybody knows -- nobody in this room right now came here to see deck the hallmark but if Michael and robin and George weren't here, you would be upset. Well, at hallmark, you sit down and watch the movies and you know the ending because you want to feel happy. I like to see, you know, a little bit of a different movie from time to time. You guys are completely obsessed. 37 movies. Basically have to abandon your families to get this job done. Look, my wife has been amazing through this. But I mean I got to be honest with you, the other day she looked at me and goes, can we please watch something other than hallmark and I looked at her and I said, babe, we made vows are to better or worse, hallmark movie 37, we're going to do this. I got to be honest, I never thought I would be in a marriage where I was required to stay and watch a hallmark movie and my wife could get up and leave the room. Yeah, yeah. You're a high school principal. I'm a high school principal that is accurate if you can believe it. What do you the kids think of you? I'm educating America's youth one -- I tried to keep this podcast separate from education as much as I possibly could. But in the last few weeks, it has kind of snowballed. We're on "Good morning America." I don't know if you know that? What, right now? No. And so right now during first period pretty much all the 6th to 12th graders are watching so go back to work, kids, first period. Go back to work. Panda, is there somebody that is a dream for you? There's a lot of recurring actor, actresses. Is there one that you really -- It's unified thing here. Candace Cameron Bure. That's got to happen. We want -- Meaning of Christmas. Look, we talked about this earlier. Can we do it right now. Candace, if you're watching, from our heart to yours, please, we've had some differences. You've made some good ones, you've made some eh ones. We would love more than anything. You got a movie coming out. We got a sweater for you. That's right. We got some hot cocoa. You may have been the wrong one to lead that pitch. And speaking about it we have no chance of getting her on. One more question. What happens after the holidays? That's a good question. Oh, my gosh. We talk about it a lot. Yes, we do. I know we'll have to take some time off and say hi to our families. This is grueling. It's going to be tough. 37 movies in the next two months. That's crazy. We'll take a month off and go from there. I think we'll keep doing it. I think we're going to keep doing it. Yes. I was under the impression that it was a marathon when I crossed that finish line I was done and now it appears that may not be the case and still trying to talk myself into it a little bit. Hallmark is not going to stop. You're right. They make them all year long, autumn harvest and summer of love and -- What makes a good hallmark movie. I love the snow. Even if it's fake I, I don't care. I love the small towns, the small town -- I love the Christmas traditions. It reminds me of when I was a kid. Absolutely. Hand it to hallmark. I will tell you this, I think -- I have a feeling you could talk about anything and we'd be

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{"duration":"6:45","description":"Brandon Gray, Daniel Pandolph and Daniel Thompson, hosts of the breakout \"Deck the Hallmark,\" talk about their viral podcast live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59053978","title":"Meet the podcasters who review Hallmark movies","url":"/GMA/Living/video/meet-podcasters-review-hallmark-movies-59053978"}