Tips to save on rising grocery costs

ABC News' consumer correspondent Becky Worley shares tips on how to save money buying groceries as price hikes appear in every aisle of your local supermarkets.
3:36 | 02/15/19

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Transcript for Tips to save on rising grocery costs
call them that. We'll go to a "Gma" consumer alert. You may have noticed rising prices at the store and "The Wall Street journal" recently reported Amazon is raising prices at whole foods and the usda is forecasting food price also go up across the board this year and Becky Worley is here to show us how to keep those grocery bills down. Good morning, Becky. Reporter: Good morning, Michael. As prices go up savvy consumers know it's time to get to work. Where are the deals? How can you find that discount and how can you maximize the perks? Well, your secret shopper is on it. This morning, price hikes in every aisle of your local supermarket. The usda predicting up to a 2% increase overall and even bigger jumps in categories like dairy, fresh vegetable, fruit and cereals. The increase hitting all grocery stores including whole foods who had been touting drops. There is a whole new way to save. Reporter: Even with sourcing behemoth Amazon backing them the company has raised prices. It's not just suppliers dictate the whole process but prices and in many cases they are doing that. Reporter: Not just store, big brands like Clorox, Procter and gaming, Coca-Cola and the makers of oreo said they need to raise prices too. What can you do about it? Well, whole foods isn't the only place with good produce. The demand for organic has led big box stores like Costco to increase the option. While you're here, 96 ounces of peanut butter, anyone. Certain products are seeing the biggest hikes, nut butters, oil, detergent and soaps so think about buying bulk for them. Finally these stores are desperate for your loyalty so look at the ecosystem of products they offer. It may be worthwhile to commit to their store app and even their credit card. Target's red card gets you 5% back on most grocery, wall Street's credit cart gives you 3% for online groceries and 1% for those purchased in store. And whole foods is offering up to 5% back on groceries with an Amazon credit card which is one way they're countering rising costs saying like all grocers whole foods market has experienced increased cost from suppliers due to material, labor and transportation and we've absorbed much of the inflation. We remain committed to Ng to lower prices. Okay, let's talk about those store credit cards. They may offer compelling cashback incentives but I'm always wary about advising people to take on N credit cards and possibly more debt. So, take that into consideration as you weigh up the options for lowering grocery bills, Michael. You know, Becky, back in the day, old school way, prices go up, you get the newspaper, you get your scissors and clip out coupons but everything is digital now, right? Reporter: It is. I can remember my grandma, she was a home ec teacher and had the scissors out cutting paper coupons but stores are offering them 10% less from even last year. Digital couponing, though, is legit so get the store app and search the digital coupons that are in it and then one other trick ouf couponing, use cashback apps like checkout 51. They're kind of a pain, you have to upload proof of purchase after you buy the items, but just like my grams with the scissor and papers, it's money in your pocket. Money in your pocket. We all love to hear that. Thank you so much. We appreciate it.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"ABC News' consumer correspondent Becky Worley shares tips on how to save money buying groceries as price hikes appear in every aisle of your local supermarkets. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61096175","title":"Tips to save on rising grocery costs ","url":"/GMA/Living/video/tips-tricks-save-rising-grocery-costs-61096175"}