Vote for Disney and Points of Light Volunteer Family of the Year

One family will get a trip to Disney World and $10,000 to help out their community. Meet the nominees.
5:22 | 10/11/19

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Transcript for Vote for Disney and Points of Light Volunteer Family of the Year
SF into the classic at the Orlando family of suburban San Francisco made it into our top five with their example of volunteerism. Going full circle. It's after fostering debt adopting seven siblings to keep them together. Windy and Don Orlando got new clothing for their instead seek family from this clothing closet for Foster families most Foster children in crisis in transition have nothing but the clothes on their back. We'll always great to give back after you've you've received something we have been given so much from this organization it's our turn to help him get back to other kids who are in need and so our kids really have identified the fact that we're not to take anything for granted. So now they are doing something so that other kids can get something through. Do you think. Paying it forward to other grateful families that we currently have nine kids from the ages of eleven to nine months. So this place is really important throws are of course it touches you pick kids can help separating and organizing and putting together. A blessing their angels being mean a lot to us. It was a chance encounter with a homeless person that launched this morning's finalist the head unit family of McAllen Texas. When daughter Emily was six years old seeing that person in need prompted questions and action. I really simple how someone could be homeless. And I wanted to or anything like all tied cattle up. From Emily he's teachable moment came family's meals feeding the homeless forty meals a day. A family operation. You know that fat meal made a difference. You know that it means the world to them down next government to do is to keep the home. Are you doing today safe. Yeah but they don't just supply food. Got Jamie for America they created this trailer for homeless people to shower him. They'll come up to the little Rendell and they can get a fresh fare close at cal off senator Santorum commission and a push out. There are helping someone. There can never repay. Little and in return. Oklahoma history book stumbled. They need help get nothing. This fans around here. Thinking motivations failed once you've you know picnicking on every. We're all this. And I hope is exactly. That power beauty and calming influence of horses has this Columbus, Ohio finalist family galloping in dollar top five. The connection between person and horse this highly connection is what I think is extra magic. Start lean bell volunteers and dreams on horseback the center for at wind therapy. Along with her children and grandchildren she's phenomenal and helping children with special needs like young Matty here get life changing therapy. Around when she first. And she had a lot of problems with temperature and James and focusing. Following multiple commands at one time her teachers have said she has tremendous self control in school now that she didn't have before to her grades are better for behavior in school is better. Darlene and her family also donated this lift. So war veterans who cannot walk and ride. And also find a special Peter peace another finalist family from suburban Atlanta at the G even items also helping special needs families with children on the autism spectrum. Their son Luke diagnosed sixteen years ago. Helping out at a five K run just a drop in the bucket for this family that entire family comes out. They are number one volunteer family and we think the world needs to know about them and that hardest service says this mainly has is. Off the charts what struck us about their entry was the sheer number of people wanting to thank them for their help and aid conferences he did you something. Disable bit differently aid and support and love like no other. A press fair this just comes from an overflowing grateful hot may have been updated minutes after it. We have other ape family in fact providing integrated environment friend then. Agents claim that they can decide his and went with it says laying his landing on men and and it families. Instead became we have been in that same faith I felt. Giving back is in the DNA of our last finalist family the net pull us from outside Miami Florida. They've made a huge impact with several charities and organizations. So many we lost. Now they are truly. Remarkable here is why because everything they dear Justin Jack Kimi and everything they do is with a pure agenda in pure heart and all they really want to do was make the world a better place. This. Just in a real estate attorney toils several times a month in president Carter's habitat for humanity. Building homes for the needy. Sixteen year old Mia is an influence or audience to grant where she recruits volunteers the family altogether solicits help but a monthly fair. Paying it forward to find more good samaritans and summing it all up this theme connecting all five finalists twelve year old Ava on why they do what they do you. Even if this month saying it couldn't make this court ruled Graham one day news makes you feel good asking me because. I'm yelling and make it look and pac.

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{"duration":"5:22","description":"One family will get a trip to Disney World and $10,000 to help out their community. Meet the nominees.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66222075","title":"Vote for Disney and Points of Light Volunteer Family of the Year","url":"/GMA/Living/video/vote-disney-points-light-volunteer-family-year-66222075"}