How 1 woman paid off more than $200K in debt

Caitlin Boston shares tips for how she paid off more than $222,000 in debt from student loans by the time she turned 35.
2:50 | 08/20/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How 1 woman paid off more than $200K in debt
So we're back with a woman going viral for paying off more than $200,000 of student loan debt celebrating with this video and also sending a message about how to advocate for yourself. Will reeve is back with this story. I love this one. Me too. This video is an absolute party. There's music blasting. There's dollars flying all over. It's celebrating that huge debt-free milestone, $200,000 for a woman who's had to overcome more than just financial obstacles. I do my hair tall check my nails baby how you feeling Reporter: 35-year-old Caitlin Boston is feeling good, all right. Yeah, she's wearing a purple spandex catsuit and a Korean wedding crown, maybe you would too if you paid off more than $200,000 in student debt on your own. I really wanted to figure out a way to express what I wanted the next phase of my life to be like that wasn't about debt in any sense, it was about, you know, celebration and gratitude and joy. Reporter: Her celebration video going viral on YouTube. The video is carefree now but it was a long road to get here. My payment was more than I could bear to pay at the time and I called my dad in a panic. He said I can't help you. We can't help you. I think that that -- I felt so ashamed in that instance just because I felt like I should never have had to ask in the first place. Reporter: Her father has since passed away. This is the last picture she took with her dad. So with no family support, how did she get out from under her crushing debt? Caitlin says by demanding equal pay. I think as a woman you have to be your own advocate. I don't think that you can get far without thinking really strategically about how you want to get paid. Reporter: Caitlin calls it the over and under method asking co-workers if they make over or under X dollars, she says. Turning to her peers to find out what they made, doing that gave her the information to ask for more money eventually making an additional 40% per year. Be strategic, know your worth. That's it. Reporter: While asking for money after surveying her peers was vital she also made calculated and careful lifestyle cutbacks to save money. Taking on roommates to share rent, slashing her grocery bill by any means possible, using a bike instead of paying for a subway card. Picking up freelance work on the side to add to her income but says while all these disciplined lifestyle changes helped, it was knowing her worth and asking for those raises that meant she could keep paying down that dealt and pay it off. I love that so much. I do too. Caitlin dedicated her now viral video to her late dad. She says she could not have escaped her debt without the work ethic that he instilled in her. That's great. Which is nice. Love that video. Ginger.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"Caitlin Boston shares tips for how she paid off more than $222,000 in debt from student loans by the time she turned 35.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65071703","title":"How 1 woman paid off more than $200K in debt","url":"/GMA/Living/video/woman-paid-off-200k-debt-65071703"}