6.9 magnitude quake hits Hawaii, causes volcanic eruptions

Officials say the toxic air is an "immediate threat to life," forcing nearly 2,000 people to evacuate.
2:41 | 05/05/18

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Transcript for 6.9 magnitude quake hits Hawaii, causes volcanic eruptions
Breaking news out of Hawaii where there really facing a triple threat of natural disasters earthquakes volcanoes. And toxic gas just last night the big island of Hawaii. Was hit by dean most powerful earthquake in forty years alma says killing volcano is a rock dean. Bringing more Manet and dangerous sulfur dioxide gas look at those visuals clearing residential neighborhoods ever got some new video coming in this morning from the Hawaii Department of Defense look at this it shows the lava flowing out of what's called date. This year smoke their surroundings. People's homes and nearly 2000 people have been forced from their homes and ABC's Marcy Gonzales is right there on the big island with the very latest for this morning. Marcy good morning to you. Holland and good morning essence they don't know when and where the ground could open up again the National Guard is set up ready for the possibility of more evacuations as this area deals with aftershocks. And more eruptions. Overnight nature's fireworks show on Hawaii's big island. Molten rock in flames spewing into the air. Glowing lava lighting up the sky and flowing into neighborhoods that just seems like it keeps injuring upwards. And become more hazardous new fissures opening up after multiple earthquake. A five point oh shaking of the big island on Thursday that killer whale volcano erupting just hours leader. Two more quakes happening Friday including a six point nine magnitude the largest in the state since 1975. Matalin home. And nurse. Aaron causing landslides and shutting down roads. Stock the aftershocks ongoing as the flow of lava which the US Geological Survey expects to speed up in the coming days. Forces at least 18100 people to evacuate. Just go in debt. We're not gonna have a whole it's quite beloved but it did it my wife is still you know. Least two houses already destroyed in this community where the grounds opening up miles from the actual volcano crater. Closer to Hawaii volcanoes national park a major tourist attraction now closed. As that plume of thick pink smoke. Pores over the island sending dangerous levels of toxic sulfur dioxide into the air creating what officials call in immediate. Threat to life. There have been no injuries there's also no major damage from that big earthquake. The governor declared a state of emergency here as officials say they have no idea. When these eruptions could stop him Paula just can imagine the level of panic there's so many residents are feeling this morning. Marcy thank you.

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{"id":54956665,"title":"6.9 magnitude quake hits Hawaii, causes volcanic eruptions","duration":"2:41","description":"Officials say the toxic air is an \"immediate threat to life,\" forcing nearly 2,000 people to evacuate.","url":"/GMA/News/video/69-magnitude-quake-hits-hawaii-volcanic-eruptions-54956665","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}