Actress takes stand in Harvey Weinstein trial

Annabella Sciorra took the stand Thursday to testify against the disgraced movie mogul who she said attacked her in her New York City apartment over 25 years ago.
6:02 | 01/24/20

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Transcript for Actress takes stand in Harvey Weinstein trial
tell you more in "Pop news." The latest on the Harvey Weinstein trial. The actress Annabella sciorra told the courtroom in graphic detail that Harvey Weinstein raped her. Amy here with that story. That's right. Good morning. More than 80 women have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault or some form of misconduct. Six of them are scheduled to testify at this trial and Annabella sciorra was the first and what she said was both emotional and chilling. Explosive testimony as actress Annabella sciorra took the stand on Thursday testifying against Harvey Weinstein, the man she says adaked her in her New York City apartment more than 25 years ago. Hey. It's you. Reporter: Most famous for her role as Tony soprano's mistress on "Sopranos." Sciorra was an up-and-comer in Hollywood in the early '90s appearing in movies like "The hand that rocks the cradle" around the time she met Weinstein at an industry event. How did you come to be a nanny? Reporter: In court now 59 at times visibly shaken taking the stand for hours recounting the night she says she was sexually assaulted by Weinstein nearly three decades ago refusing to use his name only referring to him as the defendant. Tears streaming down her face, sciorra telling the jury after the Hollywood titan dropped her off from a group dinner with uma Thurman and several others he forced his way into her Manhattan apartment and pinned her hands above her head assaulting her as she fought back punching him, kicking him. The actress says when she confronted Weinstein weeks later he leaned into me and said, this remains between you and I. His eyes were black. I thought he was going to hit me right there. Weinstein's defense team fighting back trying to undermine sciorra's credibility claiming she showed up drunk to the set of their movie "The night we never met" which she denies. He doesn't want to listen. Reporter: The defense team pointing out sciorra didn't call police and asking why a few years later upon learning that Weinstein staying at the same hotel she was during the Cannes film festival she didn't turn to her co-stars for protection. Sciorra is a witness for the prosecution. Her allegations fall beyond the statute of limitations and Weinstein has not been charged with assaulting her. Weinstein has always maintained his innocence claiming his sexual encounters with all women were consensual. Just the first week of testimony. Incredible story. Okay, Amy. Joining us from Los Angeles, Ronan farrow author of "Catch and kill" and of the "Catch and kill" podcast. Welcome back. Annabella sciorra as Amy reported kept silent for years but first told her story to you. So I can just imagine what you were thinking as she was on that stand yesterday and how difficult this must have been for her. You know, I think for every woman involved in this trial and in the now ongoing separate criminal proceedings in los Angeles, it's an emotionally wrenching experience. I can tell you that the initial conversation I had where Annabella sciorra disclosed those same details that she told the world on the stand yesterday was one of the hardest conversations that I've ever heard a source have. She was, you know, gasping for air, it was physically difficult for her to recount these details so you can imagine how this further step of going through recounting all this yet again and then subjecting herself to what she knew would be a brutal attempt to discredit her is a really difficult thing for anyone to do. Were you able to contact her after the testimony yesterday? You know, I'm not going to speak for her. If she wants to give her thoughts on how it went she can do that in her own time and own way. We've been in touch. It's a difficult process for her and everyone else involved and people in the courtroom were struck by how calm she was yesterday, how she really did keep her cool in the face of a pretty intensive grilling which she had to go through as part of the journalism process and now on the stand. She was calm but the defense did try to rattle her. It was a pretty cuff cross-examination. Did they make any headway? George, it seems like the underpinning of the line of questioning you're seeing from Weinstein's defense attorneys almost marks a generational divide in how we look at these issues. You know, they are trying to bank on the idea that there are going to be jurors seated in this trial who are sympathetic to the idea if you don't fight back hard enough, you know, if you don't tell enough people immediately -- If you have contact afterwards. Right. Exactly. A big threat in this is how much contact after the fact and, you know, I think there's going to be a segment of this jury that understands that when you rely on someone professionally as many of these women did on Harvey Weinstein, you can't always avoid them. That sexual assault very often comes from individuals that you can't get away from immediately. That you have to be photographed near. They have had a more difficult time advancing that argument with respect to Annabella sciorra. They were able to show pictures of Weinstein on her sets, but not actually in proximity to her. The latest episode of "Catch and kill" you played previously unheard audio of Harvey Weinstein talking to one of his accusers. What's the significance of what's on that tape and what more can we expect? One of the patterns that prosecutors are going to be looking at closely in both of these cases is Harvey Weinstein's alleged habit of dangling career opportunities as an entree to what women said was either harassment or assault and how quickly those promises could turn into threats and one of the extraordinary things about this podcast format is we've been able to get tape of him doing exactly that so you hear him with ambra Gutierrez, this model during a police sting operation in 2015 saying, you know, I can help your career. I can give you job opportunities but you have to be comfortable with me. You have to have fun with me and graduates to a request for a massage and when she doesn't accept those entrees, explicit threats. You're going to miss out on big opportunities. Ronan farrow, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"6:02","description":"Annabella Sciorra took the stand Thursday to testify against the disgraced movie mogul who she said attacked her in her New York City apartment over 25 years ago.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68501328","title":"Actress takes stand in Harvey Weinstein trial","url":"/GMA/News/video/actress-takes-stand-harvey-weinstein-trial-68501328"}