Actress victim in elaborate ransom plot: Police

Daisy McCrackin was kidnapped by three people last year in a kidnap-for-ransom plot, according to a newly unsealed grand jury indictment.
3:00 | 07/06/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Actress victim in elaborate ransom plot: Police
We move on now to a new twist in that crazy Hollywood hostag story. Ct and an actress rtedly kidnapped held for ransom now hearing from her after the arrest video of one of the suspects wen viral. Kayna Whitworth has more this very bizarre story, yn Reporter: To say the least, Amy. The actors at the center of this alleged abduction for ranso plotave been ratively quiet since the bombell claims made headlines across the country earlthis week. Buwne of them is breaking her silence as this made Hollywood plot takes yet aer turn. Theye for one of the alleged kidnappers claiming this morning there is lot more to this Y. It seemed to be straight outf a movie, a day aft this arrest video on T streets of L.A. Wentviral, authoritieseging the woman at the center of , amber Neal W acty part of a violent kiding plot charging her and two other men with attacking andbducting hollywo actor dccrackin and Joseph Capone rans now this morning new claims that crn who hastarred in fiike "300 miles graceland." I could call the Reporter: Andhaoween: Rrection." I think Michael Meyers had ts of rage he could not control. Reporter: May H actually known one of her abductors. A stateme the attorney for defendant Keith Stewart telli ABC news Mccrackin wasaged innimate relationship with the thir suspect johntae Jones hat things are nots simple ashe bee portrayed he districattorney's ce. As we're hearing from Mccrackin for the first T nce the allegedeme came to light. The actress Tak to Facebook anking the lap in one post also writing I'm . I promise and overnight her H brotr speaking outut ordeal You don't really know what's going appen in that situationd ink that's kind of wt was the most terrifyingbout it. E got put ie face O her own mortality. Reporte according to the ne unsealed grand jury indictment suspe allegedly went T Mccrackin's home in south L.A may 2017. Pistol whipped capo kidnapped mccrackinh black hoods over theirdsting Capone and holding him in the Bab out food for hours. Policepes demanded a $10,000 ransom for capo release forci Mccrackin T write a check. Th woman in that vid amber nealegedly depositing. Police say the suspect then drove Mccrackin back to her home. She escaped and callelice. She's a fighter. She's very strong person. Shgoing Toake this experience for sure and's going to find a way to make it into something amazing. We reached out to reps for Capone asl as other family member Mccrackin and haven't heard ck. The suspected kidnas will have a pial hear at the end of the month. Amy. All right, where we will probab learn a little bit . Kaa, thanks so much.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Daisy McCrackin was kidnapped by three people last year in a kidnap-for-ransom plot, according to a newly unsealed grand jury indictment.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56401537","title":"Actress victim in elaborate ransom plot: Police ","url":"/GMA/News/video/actress-victim-elaborate-ransom-plot-police-56401537"}