Alleged victims confront Jeffrey Epstein in court

Annie Farmer and Courtney Wild spoke out in court in support of keeping Epstein locked up without bail.
3:21 | 07/16/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alleged victims confront Jeffrey Epstein in court
A scary scene. We move to that dramatic bail hearing for Jeffrey Epstein where he came face-to-face with two women accusing him of sex trafficking. They pleaded with the judge to deny bail and keep him behind bars and Tom llamas has details. Reporter: A judge says he will deliver his final decision on Thursday whether Jeffrey Epstein gets bail but some stunning moments inside of court. Two accusers as you mentioned facing off with Epstein as prosecutors revealed new information, some of which rocked the courtroom. Disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein may be spending more time behind bars. His legal team arguing the multimillionaire who has pleaded not guilty is not a flight risk. But in court prosecutors responding with a bombshell. They say when federal agents raided his Manhattan mansion they found inside of a locked safe piles of cash, dozens of diamonds and an expired foreign passport with Epstein's picture but a different name and a stated residence in Saudi Arabia. The defense pressing on stating Epstein's wealth is not a reason to keep him locked up, citing ponsi king Bernie Madoff and former enron CEO Jeff Skillings high-profile megarich defendants getting bail. Allowing two of Epstein's victims to testify in court, Courtney wild saying she was sexually abused when she was 14 and, quote, he is a scary person to have walking the streets. It's about your voice being heard, about people being held accountable for their actions, you know, justice being served and doing it for yourself. Reporter: Annie farmer told the judge she was 16 when she met Epstein in New York. He then paid for her to travel to New Mexico where on his sprawling estate called zorro ranch she claims he was sexually inappropriate with her. These were girls who were procured, transported across state lines. This was as commercial a sex trafficking operation as you can imagine. Reporter: Now one of Epstein's biggest clients for years was the CEO of elle brands which owns Victoria's secret and billionaire les wexner. When Mr. Epstein was my personal money manager, he was involved in many aspects of my financial life. But let me assure you I was -- He was not a billionaire but a wealthy man. This was sealed -- unsealed yesterday so we're getting a closer look at how much he's worth but this financial form was described as cursory because it lacked so much detail. Interesting points, he's worth more than $500 million. This according to him. Points of reference he has more than $56 million cash on hand. Nearly 200 million invested with hedge funds and one of his island, remember, he has two but little saint James has a value of $63 million. What a dramatic moment when that passport is revealed. Hard to imagine he's getting bail after you see that. The courtroom and the overflow courtroom were both stunned. You could hear like, whoa, like nobody could believe when prosecutors revealed that. It also shows prosecutors have a couple aces up their sleeves that they have not revealed yet. More to come. Tom, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"Annie Farmer and Courtney Wild spoke out in court in support of keeping Epstein locked up without bail. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64360146","title":"Alleged victims confront Jeffrey Epstein in court ","url":"/GMA/News/video/alleged-victims-confront-jeffrey-epstein-court-64360146"}