Amanda Knox, Lorena Bobbit join forces on new project

Bobbit, who attacked her sleeping husband, and Knox, who was charged and imprisoned for four years while studying abroad in Italy, instantly bonded after doing a podcast episode together.
4:06 | 12/11/19

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Transcript for Amanda Knox, Lorena Bobbit join forces on new project
Back now with the unlikely friendship between Amanda Knox and Lorena Bobbitt. They have joined forces on a new project and Paula Faris sat down with them. Good morning, everyone. Amanda Knox and Lorena Bobbitt met for the first time just a couple of months ago. They had an instant connection because of how they were portrayed during their trials. Shamed, mocked and ridiculed and also how they're portrayed to this day. They were the trials that made global headlines. Lorena Bobbitt in 1993 famously attacking her sleeping husband John Bobbitt. 24-year-old claiming she had endured years of physical and sexual abuse. Nearly 16 years later another case dominating tabloid, 20-year-old Amanda Knox studying abroad in Italy charged and imprisoned four years for the murder of her roommate. Two women, two gripping stories and this year, their worlds collided. It's so easy to -- for people to write us off. Yes. We're trying to say, no, we're not letting you. Reporter: The two forming an unbreakable bond after Knox invited her on her podcast "The truth about true crime." Two complete strangers instantly connecting over how much they have in common. Both the subjects of a merciless public that mocked and They are having marital difficulty. Reduced to a punch line. Yes. How hurtful was that? They basically were taking advantage of my story and it is a story of hurt, it is a story of survival. It is a story of domestic violence, abuse, that to me I couldn't comprehend. At 20 years old I realize that who I am and what I've actually done doesn't matter to people and I am not a person. I'm an idea and I'm whatever idea you want to make of me. You just held Lorena's hand a moment ago. You don't have to say anything to one another. No. We know how the other feels. Exactly. We feel that connect. Reporter: While the two were both eventually acquitted individually they spent years swept up in controversy. You said why are we the two women people love to hate? Do you think you'll ever have an answer to that. Lorena, do you have an answer to that? I will never have an answer to that specific question, but let me tell you, I think that after all of this, this situations that we've been through, it could have happened to anyone. Reporter: Still both wondering how differently their stories would be handled today. Amanda, do you think that foxy knoxy would have been a headline today? I think people would have questioned it a little more today post me too. I think somebody might have said, like, wait a second. John was accused of doing horrific things to you but John was never convicted. Yeah. Your case happens in 2019, 2020. Do you think your case happens today and it's totally different. Absolutely, I was a victim of domestic violence and, you know, John was too because I did the deed of cutting him off, you know, but he drove me to it. You form this formidable friendship. What's next? An example how women can actually do something positive and keep working ahead for -- to break this cycle of miscommunication, misunderstanding and, you know, vilification against women. I think it's beautiful. Lorena continues to be an advocate and Amanda is working on her true crime podcast. The two are try to go reclaim their live, their narratives and voices are only getting stronger. Thank you, Paula. Thank you guys. Coming up, we have a health

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"Bobbit, who attacked her sleeping husband, and Knox, who was charged and imprisoned for four years while studying abroad in Italy, instantly bonded after doing a podcast episode together.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67649620","title":"Amanda Knox, Lorena Bobbit join forces on new project","url":"/GMA/News/video/amanda-knox-lorena-bobbit-join-forces-project-67649620"}