Anthony Bourdain dies at 61 in apparent suicide

The celebrity chef and TV host died of an apparent suicide while in France, according to CNN.
3:11 | 06/08/18

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Transcript for Anthony Bourdain dies at 61 in apparent suicide
Breaking news to report, there are now reports out that Anthony bourdain has died at 61. CNN confirming bourdain's death saying the cause was suicide. Bourdain was in France working on an upcoming episode of his award-winning series and his close friend found him unresponsive in his hotel room on Friday morning, this morning. CNN confirming his death in this statement saying, it is with extraordinary sadness we can confirm the death of our friend and colleague Anthony bourdain. The network said in a statement his love of great adventure, new friends, fine food and drink and the remarkable stories of the world made him a unique storyteller. His talents never ceased to amaze us and we will miss him very much. Our thoughts and prayers are with his daughter and his family at this incredibly difficult time. Back in 2013 Peabody award judges honored him and "Parts unknown" in 1999 he wrote "Don't eat before reading this." "Kitchen confidential" set him on a path to international stardom. He first hosted a cook's tour on the food network then moved to "Anthony bourdain: No reservations" winning two Emmy awards and more than a dozen nominations. So many inspired by him as he made his worldwide travels and this obviously comes on the heels of Kate spade's suicide so this is just such a devastating week. We all obviously need to do more about addressing suicidal thoughts and stunning development to hear. You mentioned Kate spade and the CDC was out with stunning new numbers as well. There are more suicides thank car crashes in 2016. More suicides than homicides. The numbers are just on the rise. We'll dig into this much needed conversation in the 8:00 hour. In the meantime, our hearts and prayers go with the bourdain family. We are going to have much

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{"id":55744732,"title":"Anthony Bourdain dies at 61 in apparent suicide","duration":"3:11","description":"The celebrity chef and TV host died of an apparent suicide while in France, according to CNN.","url":"/GMA/News/video/anthony-bourdain-dies-61-55744732","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}