Barr threatens to prosecute out-of-state protesters

Approximately 80% of the protesters who have been arrested in Minnesota were found to be nonresidents of the state, the governor said at a news conference on Saturday.
2:57 | 06/01/20

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Transcript for Barr threatens to prosecute out-of-state protesters
Dan, while many protesters are calling for real genuine change there's growing concern some are just taking advantage of a chaotic situation. ABC chief justice correspondent Pierre Thomas joins us now. Pierre, officials in Minneapolis say about 80% of those arrested were from out of the state and attorney general Barr is issuing a warning. Barr are saying that people come from out of state will be prosecuted at a federal level. Let me walk you through what law enforcement officials are tell me about these makeup of these crowds. The rioters include undisciplined locals. That may include younger people throwing debris and vandalizing. People who have criminal intent who want to steal and loot. Law enforcement officials say there are anti-government operators from both the left and the right and people who are using antifa-style tactics. Warning that white supremacist might show up to frame black people as offenders. You have covered issues of racial injustice in this country. Give us the significance of this moment and why it feels so different. Well, we've seen in recent years situations like this unfold where people are trying to exercise their right to free speech. To make change. The root of all of this is Mr. Floyd and the way he died at the hands of police. This all stems from an allegation that Floyd used counterfeit cash to illegally buy some cigarettes. Police weren't responding to a violent crime. Not a shooting in progress. This is over counterfeit money and cigarettes and the man is dead and those images of how he died haunts us all. Not the first time a black man has been seriously injured or killed in similar circumstances. We're still dealing with America's original sin, racism. People are using social media to solicit violence and encouraging people to go to places in real time and we have foreign governments pushing disinformation on to social media to sow more division. Now, law enforcement has to figure out who's behind the violence and deal with these ongoing issues of race and policing. The backdrop of the pandemic, people don't necessarily have jobs or school to go back to, it's kind of the perfect storm of pain and despair. Pierre Thomas, thank you so much. We appreciate it. Pierre will be on "This week" with Cecilia, George also has house speaker Nancy Pelosi as well. Plus, he speaks with Minnesota congressman ilhan OMAR. And he speaks with president trump's national security adviser Robert o'brien. All coming up on "This week." For now, let's go back to

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"Approximately 80% of the protesters who have been arrested in Minnesota were found to be nonresidents of the state, the governor said at a news conference on Saturday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70981127","title":"Barr threatens to prosecute out-of-state protesters","url":"/GMA/News/video/barr-threatens-prosecute-state-protesters-70981127"}