Blast of cold and snow amid severe weather

ABC News chief meteorologist Ginger Zee reports on the latest weather and temperatures around the country.
1:40 | 12/01/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Blast of cold and snow amid severe weather
We turn to the new storm system that is on the move and overnight there are at least four reported tornadoes in Florida with winds up to 105 miles per hour. Ginger is tracking the latest for us, good morning, as always, ginger. Good morning, Michael. Rotation in Florida and also all the way north of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This was a long stretching storm system. I want to start you out in Florida, though, that ef-1 tornado with 105-mile-per-hour winds north of Tallahassee along the state line and also the video from just north of Philadelphia. That likely tornado damage in north Wales, Pennsylvania. They'll get out there and survey it today. In plymouth, Massachusetts, not a tornado but 89-mile-per-hour wind gust that was just sustained. We had 60 to 90-mile-per-hour gusts from Long Island right up through new England and flash flooding to boot. Now that storm has moved out and we've got the back side of it to deal with, Michael. Ginger, also, I don't know if anybody wants to hear it, a brutal, brutal blast of cold and snow hitting the country from Cleveland to Atlanta. Michael, it's colder in Houston by almost 20 degrees this morning than it is here in New York. So let's go ahead and look at what's happening. Cleveland is picking up anywhere from 6 to 8s when all is said and done but slick roads, also all the way through Pittsburgh, snow into western New York. You've got jamestown still in that winter storm warning. I wanted to bring you pictures from Atlanta too. They had their first flurry of the season. That's how deep this cold is. We have freeze warnings this morning all the way from rock spring, Texas to, wildwood, Florida. So, yeah, the chill is deep, Michael. Tell my momma in Houston, get your jacket out. That time of the year. Thank you so much.

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{"duration":"1:40","description":"ABC News chief meteorologist Ginger Zee reports on the latest weather and temperatures around the country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74477118","title":"Blast of cold and snow amid severe weather","url":"/GMA/News/video/blast-cold-snow-amid-severe-weather-74477118"}