Clorox president says products should be more readily available this summer

Linda Rendle speaks exclusively to ABC News about how the company runs its plants 24-hours a day, seven days a week as products have been in short supply amid the coronavirus pandemic.
4:43 | 05/11/20

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Transcript for Clorox president says products should be more readily available this summer
We begin with an ABC news exclusive interview with the president of Clorox. As the demand spiked up 500%, the company is running the plant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We're joined by Laura rindle, president of the Clorox company. Thank you for joining us. As you know, Clorox products, particularly wipes, are in short what are you seeing as far as supply goes or demand goes? Good morning, Michael. Before I get started, I would love to thank everybody, all the caregivers and essential workers that are working so hard to keep our community safe and our hearts go out to everybody who's been affected by covid-19. It is true, wipes are in short supply right now, but the good news is we're delivering wipes to stores every single day. Unfortunately, they're being snagged just about as soon as they hit shelves, many times within minutes. We've seen unprecedented spike in demand for wipes, up 500% versus a year ago, but we're working with everything feasible in our power to get as many disinfecting products to people as quickly as we can. Your workers are working nonstop to make sure we have enough of these wipes but are people stockpiling or is this a case of just new demand for your why is there a shortage? We have seen so many people buy wipes that haven't bought them in the past. So most of this is new users and everybody wants products on hand so that they can disinfect and keep themselves safe during this time. We have seen some people stockpile and we would encourage all of those people who have a little too much at home to help share with everyone else so we all have the disinfecting products that we need. Here's the big question. When can you walk into a store and they're there and you can buy them whenever you need them? I know that's the question on everybody's mind. We will expect improvement come this summer. It will all depend on the demand but we are doing everything in our power to ensure that we get products to store and that includes running our cleaning plants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We began that in January. We're contracting with third party suppliers who are helping make product for us, as well as ensuring that we are prioritizing making products that disinfect in our cleaning lineup and that's going to help us get into a better position in the summer. And because of the big demand we've seen price gouging happening. What are you guys doing to help fight that? We have absolutely zero tolerance for price gouging. Everyone should be able to get the disinfecting products they need at standard prices. We've partnered with state and federal authorities to ensure that we're stopping the third parties from price gouging online, and the good news is we have seen improvement but we're continuing to monitor daily to ensure that we do not see that continued activity. And what are you guys doing to make sure there's demand in the fall and even next year, especially if there is a second wave of the coronavirus? Yes, Michael, we don't know exactly what the future holds for covid-19, but our team is doing everything we can to be ready, and it really comes down to ensuring that we can continue to run our operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and that's about keeping our team, the incredible people who are manufacturing our products on the front line today, healthy and well. We are area doing that by ensuring that we enhance the safety protocols in our manufacturing facilities. We've implemented temperature scanning, face coverings, practicing distancing. We've also enhanced benefits and pay for those workers who ensure that they're able to deliver as many products as possible so we're ready for whatever the future holds. We know you guys are also doing a lot for the front line workers in health care, so what have you been doing? I know you've been making bigger drums of disinfectant and all those things for the hospitals. Yes. So we've prioritized the care of caregivers in our communities during this time, and with that we've been able to donate $14 million in cash and product to help through organizations like the CDC foundation, the American red cross, and direct relief. In direct relief we were able to get essential products like masks, over 2 million masks, to hospitals in need over the last couple of months, and we did create a special drum. It's 55 gallons of Clorox bleach that we have donated to some of the largest health care facilities in the country, and that allows each one of those hospitals to clean up to 14,000 rooms so that they can keep their employees and their patients safe. Ms. Rendle, we want to thank you and all your workers working 24/7 to make sure we have the supplies that we need. Thank you so much. Thank you. We turn now to Shanghai

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{"duration":"4:43","description":"Linda Rendle speaks exclusively to ABC News about how the company runs its plants 24-hours a day, seven days a week as products have been in short supply amid the coronavirus pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70612169","title":"Clorox president says products should be more readily available this summer","url":"/GMA/News/video/clorox-president-products-readily-summer-70612169"}