COVID-19 hotspot states urged to pause reopenings

Dr. Anthony Fauci has recommended that states including Texas, Arizona and Florida pause their reopenings amid a rise in COVID-19 cases.
4:19 | 07/10/20

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Transcript for COVID-19 hotspot states urged to pause reopenings
First we begin with the coronavirus pandemic this morning as the number of new daily cases climbs past 50,000 again. There are new signs that re-opening too soon is having dire consequences. Take a look at this chart. It shows the change in average daily cases since re-opening. Florida was one of the first to ease restrictions and now it is one of the hardest hit. Now hear this, Dr. Fauci says some states may need to pause. Consider rolling back 13 states now reporting issues with testing availability and access. That includes Arizona where one-third of the tests are coming back positive. Matt Gutman starts us off in good morning, Matt. Reporter: Hey, good morning, George. The numbers over the past couple of weeks have been mind-numbing but what is plain as day in the dark is the need for testing. That car got here at midnight. There are already dozens here on though they know they probably won't get the results for two weeks and when health experts see this, they say the testing system is collapsing. This morning, a dire warning from top medical expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci recommending sun belt hot spots like Texas, Arizona and Florida pause their re-openings. There are some times when despite the guidelines and the recommendations to open up carefully and prudently, some states skipped over those and just opened up too quickly. Reporter: This as the nation's coronavirus testing crisis playing out in this gridlock. Cars lining up for hours. This may look like a parking lot but it is a testing site. Now, they've administered over 1,300 tests here today but there will be hundreds of people back there who don't make the cutoff. Hundreds in line by 1:00 A.M. Is it worth it waking up to be I don't have a choice. Because you don't have insurance? Correct and I'm not going to get at the back of the line. And not get tested. Correct. Reporter: Hundreds had to be turned away. I had a gentleman who was in tears because he had waited so long and for so many days and that's what breaks my heart. Reporter: On Thursday Arizona governor Doug Ducey addressing covid publicly for the first time in over a week but not offering much change. Today there's a new executive order that will limit indoor dining to less than 50% occupancy. You want to be in placing where you can limit the number of Reporter: For those waiting in the predawn heat that's not enough. If you could ask governor Ducey one question, what would it be? Why isn't there more testing? I mean, we are number one in the In the world. There should be more testing available to us. Reporter: As cases surge, hospitals reaching capacity. Dr. Fauci speaking to fivethirtyeight's podcast 19. As a country when you compare us to other countries, I don't think you can say we're doing I mean, we're just not. Reporter: In Florida more than 50 hospitals have zero icu bed as valuable. This graph by "The New York Times" showing a nearly 1400% increase in average daily covid cases compared to when Florida re-opened about two months ago and overnight miami-dade school superintendent, the fourth largest school district in the country telling ABC news despite the governor's order, his schools will not re-open until the county enters phase 2. Tonya Wooddell traveling around the country volunteering in Newark, Boston, Chicago, working in overextended hospitals treating covid patients. On Sunday traveling to either Phoenix or Houston. I saw that this was a burden on patients as well as my co-workers and I just wanted to the virus is serious. I've seen it with my own eyes. Reporter: Now, Arizona and Phoenix specifically are considered one of the covid capitals of the world and for the first time in nine days governor Doug Ducey coming out briefing the public about the coronavirus and his big announcement is limiting indoor dining to under 50%? This at a time when public health experts say the only way to stop the virus is to shut states like this down completely, Cecilia. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"Dr. Anthony Fauci has recommended that states including Texas, Arizona and Florida pause their reopenings amid a rise in COVID-19 cases.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71710292","title":"COVID-19 hotspot states urged to pause reopenings","url":"/GMA/News/video/covid-19-hotspot-states-urged-pause-reopenings-71710292"}