Dad of Jayme Closs' alleged abductor speaks out

Patrick Patterson, the father of Jake Patterson, 21, who allegedly abducted Jayme Closs, 13, and killed her parents, said his family's "hearts are broken for their family" and prayed for them.
2:51 | 02/07/19

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Transcript for Dad of Jayme Closs' alleged abductor speaks out
scary. We have an ABC news exclusive. The father of the 21-year-old who kidnapped Jayme Closs and killed her parents is speaking out for the first time after his son appeared in court Wednesday. Linsey Davis has the interview. Reporter: Patrick Patterson says he is heartbroken for Jayme Closs and still struggling to make sense of just what happened saying, quote, my words can mean nothing after such a tragedy has taken place. This morning, the father of Jayme Closs' alleged abduct ser breaking his silence speaking out he can collusively to ABC news with this message for Closs' family. I would like to humbly ask people to pray for a complete healing of Jayme's heart, mind and soul. Our hearts are broken for their family. Very sorry for everything that has happened. Reporter: Patrick Patterson did not want to answer questions about the investigation just hours after his son Jake made his first court appearance. Outfitted in an Orange jumpsuit and glasses, the man accused of kidnapping Closs and murdering her parents declined his right to a preliminary hearing. And do you understand the charges against you at this time? Yes. Reporter: According to court documents Patterson targeted the 13-year-old girl after seeing her board a school bus near her home in October. It was then that, quote, he knew that was the girl he was going to take. Allegedly continuing to say he put quite a bit of thought into the details of how he was going to abduct her ultimately killing Jayme's parents in a late night home invasion before he allegedly taped her hands and ankles together for dragging Jayme to the truck of his car. For the next 88 days Patterson allegedly confessed to holding Jayme captive in his home where Jayme told investigators he barricaded her under his bed for up to 12 hours at a time with no food, water or bathroom breaks. Police sources tell the Milwaukee journal sentinel Patterson's father and sister were just feet away from where Jayme was being kept during a Christmas party without their knowledge. I would like to thank the federal, state and local authorities for their professional and respectful manner that they have treated me and my family. Reporter: Jayme managed to escape in early January making her move after Patterson allegedly told her he'd be gone five or six hours. She says that's when she put on her alleged abductor's schools and escaped to a home nearby where Jeannie nutter called 911. She said, you got to help me. You got to help me. Reporter: Patrick Patterson says this has been a very difficult time and, again, he is extremely apologetic to Jayme. His son Jake is scheduled to be arraigned next month held on a $5 million cash only bond so the father and grandfather saying that there were no clues that he was capable of doing anything like this. So close by, wow. Such a nightmare. Thank you, linsey.

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"Patrick Patterson, the father of Jake Patterson, 21, who allegedly abducted Jayme Closs, 13, and killed her parents, said his family's \"hearts are broken for their family\" and prayed for them.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60906532","title":"Dad of Jayme Closs' alleged abductor speaks out","url":"/GMA/News/video/dad-jayme-closss-alleged-abductor-speaks-60906532"}