At least 1 dead as powerful storms slam West coast

The powerful rainstorms in California have triggered flash floods and mudslides prompting thousands of evacuations.
3:21 | 02/15/19

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Transcript for At least 1 dead as powerful storms slam West coast
Our thanks to Alex. That major storm on the move leaving so much destruction in California. Powerful rain triggering deadly flash flooding and mudslides forcing thousands to evacuate and take a look at this. A hillside in lake elsinore giving way taking a wall and the roof off that house. Our thief national correspondent Matt Gutman is there with more. Good morning, Matt. Reporter: Hey, good morning. We are talking about rain and flooding in biblical proportions. Want you to see this. Ten feet of sediment were taken out teetering on the edge. I'm basically standing in what had been somebody's backyard. Now, I want to show you with the second camera the breadth of what this had taken out. It's ten feet high. This is just one of dozens of communities affected here. This morning, that deadly atmospheric assault on California. Forming gouging out an entire portion of this roadway. In Riverside, dozens of people rescued by air and boat from fast-moving waters. This man lifted to safety after being stranded in what had been islands in a dry creekbed. In Corona, one rescued from floodwaters did not survive. Watch as this car which had been stuck washes away in the rapids in palm desert. In Palm Springs, the Whitewater river swallowing the Indian canyon boulevard and a separate channel flooded near the San Jacinto mountains. A woman riding on a city bus captured the driver going against protocol driving through floodwaters so high the water seemed in through the doors nearby in sausalito saturated water giving way. A woman pinned in her home covered with debris and deputies racing to rescue Susan Gordon. She was miraculously expected to be okay. Now, I want to give you a sense of what a nightmare this cycle of fire and rain has been. We believe they evacuated but only 25% of the residents in lake elsinore evacuated after these flash floods or before these flash floods and that's because this was the sixth evacuation, mandatory evacuation in just the past couple of months here. Officials are worried about what's called evacuation fatigue, Cecilia. We are wishing them well. Let's head over to ginger. The storm is bringing that rain and snow east this morning. It is and we'll see snow and rain in the forecast but first let me show you pictures out of Palm Springs. That's the third wettest day on record so this is a big deal out there. Sausalito where you had mudslides, just to give you an idea of where San Francisco is at, 112% of their Normal. It's really bad when it comes to mudslides. Two lows we're watching, this one here in the plains and kind of the desert southwest coming out going to impact from Montana to Kentucky and let me show you how and why. St. Louis gets the snow this afternoon, so around lunchtime. Paducah, Louisville gets it tonight then another one slides through. These are more southern, these tracks so Ohio through Pennsylvania, even the mid-atlantic from Washington, D.C. To Philadelphia on Sunday night into Monday morning. Guys. So much is coming. Okay, ginger, thanks.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"The powerful rainstorms in California have triggered flash floods and mudslides prompting thousands of evacuations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61096320","title":"At least 1 dead as powerful storms slam West coast","url":"/GMA/News/video/dead-powerful-storms-slam-west-coast-61096320"}