Deadly fire burns out of control in Northern California

The 30,000-acre Carr fire, fueled by high winds and triple-digit temperatures, is overpowering rescue crews with 100-foot flames.
3:15 | 07/27/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Deadly fire burns out of control in Northern California
And dire situation out west the explosion of wildfires overnight at least sixty are burning across the Contra right now you can see where there. And that map both northern and Southern California facing extremely. Dangerous conditions are an incredible images coming in a swell overnight fire in Redding California turning deadly residents. Racing to evacuate you can see them stuck in bumper to bumper traffic is flames moved in. Let's go right to ABC's will car in California with the latest will the governor has now declared a state of emergency. That drives this area fire crews working overnight cutting lies try to make sure those winds don't take communities like this because. When they do it looks like a waste land burning cars trees. I'm don't want Gil longest path of destruction a lot of homes just did it stand a chance when you take a wide look here you can see this home. Roared to the ground the only thing still left standing is back garden state in the chimney in the corner this morning we're seeing a lot of this devastation. For the first time. A wall old legs barreling through neighborhoods as the deadly car fire burns out of control in northern California. Southern outer Borough all blame you coming down on. Believe very dominant knowing. Residents in just the county facing a terrifying hell skate flames whipping and whirling forming fire tornadoes and wow. Emergency vehicles or shower with red hot embers. Dire situation playing out in this video it's just another street. It entire street allied flames shooting out of this true story building as homes and businesses alike from. Corn on both sides of the road this thirty dials an acre fire fueled by high winds and triple digit temperatures. Overpowering route 100 foot flames and burning on both sides of the highway jumping to Sacramento River and and forcing firefighters further and further back. Every morning when. He nobody give a garage and home. Traffic snarled as evacuees seeking shelter form the inferno were forced depleted dead after the fire reached the original evacuation sinner. ABC sister station KR CR and back to waiting to studio in the middle of the broadcast are going to meet the station because it is now tying faith to be here overnight one person killed and reports of others injured and officials may be critical patients out of hospitals is erratic blazed pushes in through the city. Leaving a path that charred homes vehicles and boats in its wake Governor Brown declaring a state of emergency as crews throughout the State's bread then. This is the front line in this fire the crews that dropped retarded right here you can see it. Just how close this is to a home in the distance we have firefighters right there keeping an eyes on these flames and making sure that protect all of these tomes. To the south at least a half dozen homes destroyed by an arson fire in Riverside Downey. It was just boom boom so we knew instantly that silver setting fires and in Yosemite National Park a massive inferno scorching more than 40000 acres. And we saw that fire crews are just doing a great job across this region but they're up against perfect fire conditions and we saw that with a Cranston fire here. Overnight the containment numbers dropping this fire. Now only 3% contained. While. Such a volatile situation there will car thank you for your reporting.

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"The 30,000-acre Carr fire, fueled by high winds and triple-digit temperatures, is overpowering rescue crews with 100-foot flames. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56860992","title":"Deadly fire burns out of control in Northern California","url":"/GMA/News/video/deadly-fire-burns-control-northern-california-56860992"}