New details on activities of alleged YouTube shooter

Nasim Aghdam practiced shooting at a gun range not long before the attack at YouTube headquarters in California, investigators said.
3:21 | 04/05/18

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Transcript for New details on activities of alleged YouTube shooter
Latest on that YouTube shooter. We're learning more about what she did in the hours before the shooting including contact with police the night before the attack and Matt Gutman is at YouTube's headquarters in San Bruno, California. Good morning, Matt. Reporter: Hey, good morning, George. Investators are sll digging into nasim aghdam's past. One of the things they've learned is that justwo days after , she got a student pilot certificate. They're also obviously looking into her bizarre YouTube videos but at this point, nothing to indicate she was capable of that violent rampage that happened Ju behind me federal agents on Wednesday executing a search warrant at sim aghdam's home and police spotted rrying bs of clothes stashed in a dumpster. A neighbor suggesting she threw away some the itemshe wore onhose internet videos that made her a sensation in her tive Iran. But in the hours after that shooting, aghdam was a mystery to law enforcement. The woman who racked up millions of YouTube views for exercising, dressing in comes, promoting veganism and dancing had also obtained ABC news learned an FAA student pilot certificate two days after 9/11. Law enforcement sources tell us she is not a terrorist but likely an everyday person who believed YouTube was unfairly censuring her. I'm being discriminated. I feel that on YouTube. Reporter: Her family says when she disappeared from home Saturday, theyiled a missing persons report. Officers in mountain view, California, located her sleeping in her car hundreds of mes away from home but just 30 miles away from YouTube hq and notified her family that she was fe. Did the family in any way suggest she could be violent O had been violent or would be? There was no informationt all from the family to our officer about any behavior or indition of behavior like that. Reporter: A few hours after that brush with police, inigators say aghdam went to a local gun range for target practice before driving to YouTube's headquarters. Overnight YouTube officials grappling with the security breach. The shooter entered throu our parking garage to our outside courtyard and committed a horrible act of violence. Reporter: A outside their me, her familypologizing to the victims and struggling to comprehend the tragedy. I'm soy. I can't believe it. Reporter: Now both federal and local law enforcement agencies we've spokeno said there is nothing they could have done to have prevented this. Yes, she posted those angry YouTube videos but at no point did she threat violence. That point she was simply exercising her right to free speech. George. , Matt, does YouTube think they could have done more? Any kind of a security breach. Shgot in flew the parking garage. Reporter: Right, I mean T parking garage is right behind me and apparently the gate was open when aghda went through and she went through there, meandering her way into the patio you see right behind me and at this point, YouTube is saying it is reviewing its security protocols and beefing up security its locations worldwide, something you're like going to see other high tech comnies do as well. I'm sure they will. Thanks very much. Paula. We have new details in that

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"Nasim Aghdam practiced shooting at a gun range not long before the attack at YouTube headquarters in California, investigators said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54250781","title":"New details on activities of alleged YouTube shooter ","url":"/GMA/News/video/details-activities-alleged-youtube-shooter-54250781"}