Dr. Jill Biden talks about her new children’s book, 'Joey'

The former second lady of the United States also talks about how virtual campaigning for her husband Joe Biden has been going amid the coronavirus pandemic.
5:50 | 06/30/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dr. Jill Biden talks about her new children’s book, 'Joey'
I am thrilled to welcome our next guest, Dr. Jill Biden. She is a "New York Times" best-selling author, mother, grandmother, teacher and former second lady of the united States, she's currently on the campaign trail with her husband, former vice president Joe Biden and she's written a new children's book called "Joey" all about his life growing up. Dr. Biden. Thanks for joining us. We know normally you'd be out on bus, planes crisscrossing the country for a campaign, campaigning with your husband but this pandemic has forced all of us to pivot. How has the virtual campaigning been going for you? Well, you know, it's been going -- it's been going well but like you said we're so used to, you know, meeting people in crowds and on rope lines and now we're here in our home in Wilmington, Delaware, and Joe is on, you know, in one studio talking on zoom and I'm in another studio that we've created talking on zoom so it's totally different and we miss being out there. Yeah, you miss that live energy from people, I'm sure. Yes. Your husband said he will pick a female to be his running mate in the presidential election. Do you have any input in his choice? Well, you know, I would hope he would listen to me and get my advice, but it has to be his decision. You know, he said that he wants a relationship like he had with Barack. No one knows better than Joe does than the role of the vice president and they respected one another and at the end of the day, you know, Joe is the last one in the room to give his opinion and I think that's what matters that they share the same values and that they have the same, you know, vision about governing our country. And do you have any idea when we could expect an announcement? You could be exclusive right here on "Gma" and would be no problem. That is a good idea. Should I go get Joe. Yeah, go get him. Give the name and, you know, just give it up right now. Wake up, Joe. Come on down. I had to try. Hi to try. Now we want to talk about your children's book. About Joe's life. What made you want to tell his story in this way? Well, you know, everybody sees Joe, these young children see Joe on TV and I want them to know Joe as a child because he has -- he was so brave and adventurous and, you know, it was such a good story, never refused a dare but, you know, Michael, he also was a little boy who stuttered and he had to overcome hardship and I want children to realize that even if there's something that you're dealing with or struggling with, that, you know, you can be a success. You can be or do whatever you want and Joe's story is an example of that. Story that resonates to all of us. You say it includes never before told family stories about Joe's childhood. Could you tell us one of those stories right now? Sure. Well, one of the things about Joe is that there was -- in Maloney field this Scranton where he grew up there was a flagpole so Joe was the only kid in the neighborhood who could shimmy up that flagpole and reach the top. And actually Joe didn't even remember that but he got a letter from a childhood friend, bill, who wrote "E.T." And talks to Joe and he says he writes this beautiful letter to Joe about how he remembers him and he said, the only one able to reach the top of the flagpole was you and so I -- he said, I shall always see you there conquering the last few feet and then turning to wave back down at us and I think, you know, that's Joe. I mean, he always took the challenge and the refrain that I have in the book is give me the ball, give me the ball and I think that there's no better time for that, you know, to apply than this time when Joe is saying to the American public, give me the ball, let me handle this. Let me take these burdens off your shoulders a put them on mine. And so it's the story of challenge and overcoming hardship and fairness. And wanting to handle responsible yourself. How much input did Joe have? Anything he wanted to put in the book that you didn't? No, this was my book. This was my book. He let me write the book and tell the stories and I talked to him about his childhood. I talked to his brother and sister. I called his childhood friends D then I came up with the themes that I wanted to portray. What I wanted America to see about my husband and who he is, who he was as a child and who he is today as a man. How do you think kids of today are going to relate to Joe's childhood story? I think those -- I think children today can see like I said the hardship that's overcame, that he stood up to bullies and he always fought back and he took control and he fought for others. You know, with fairness. He got involved in politics because of the civil rights movement and still he still is fighting today for fairness and I want people to -- I want young children to see who he was as a child and how he's, you know, such a great leader. Well, Dr. Jill Biden, thank you so much for sharing your book with us and congratulations to you and Joe, you just had your 43rd wedding anniversary a week and a half ago. Congratulations to both of you and thank you for your time this morning. Thank you, thanks, Michael. "Joey: The story of Joe Biden" is available everywhere right now.

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{"duration":"5:50","description":"The former second lady of the United States also talks about how virtual campaigning for her husband Joe Biden has been going amid the coronavirus pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71527990","title":"Dr. Jill Biden talks about her new children’s book, 'Joey'","url":"/GMA/News/video/dr-jill-biden-talks-childrens-book-joey-71527990"}