Elijah McClain protest draws thousands in Colorado

Thousands of people took to the streets in Aurora, Colorado, demanding answers about the death of the 23-year-old who died after a police encounter last year.
3:33 | 06/29/20

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Transcript for Elijah McClain protest draws thousands in Colorado
We have the George Floyd case, the former Minneapolis officers indicted in his death are due in court today. Their second court appearance this. Comes as thousands of people take to the streets of Colorado demanding answers into the death of Elijah Mcclain, the 23-year-old who died after a police encounter nearly a year ago. T.J. Holmes joins us now with more on all of this. Good morning, T.J. Reporter: Good morning, we have to start by warning viewers some images you'll see in this report is disturbing. His encounter with police that led to his death. Well, this was a year ago almost now and for all intents and purposes this case was closed but now after George Floyd, we are seeing marches, new efforts and new calls for justice for Elijah. Protesters by the thousands shut down a highway in Aurora, Colorado, calling for justice for Elijah Mcclain who died last year after he was stopped by police while walking down the street. Colorado governor Jared polis appointed a special prosecutor. This shows the 23-year-old buying iced tea before his encounter with police. You can see him wearing a mask, something he often did because he was anemic and would get cold. Then as Mcclain walked home -- He put his hands -- Reporter: Someone called 911 to report him as sketchy. Mcclain is seen walking on the sidewalk when he is approached by the responding officer. Hey, stop right there. Stop. Stop. Stop. I have a right to stop you because you're being suspicious. Reporter: The footage disturbing. The encounter officers claim Mcclain reached for one of their guns and applied a carotid hold as Mcclain cried out those three familiar words. I can't breathe sdmres's saying things like I'm a pacifist, I'm a vegetarian. I don't have guns. Reporter: As Mcclain is on the ground handcuffed and restrained paramedics arrive and inject him with ketamine. Authorities say he suffered cardiac arrest on the way to the hospital dying days later after being taken off life support. Now among the many issues raised by Mcclain's death the use of ketamine. It's important to understand that if this person was in a state where he was dehydrated, his oxygen level was low, if he had had a chokehold applied those could create conditions that could be favorable to have an add version reaction if he was administered ketamine. Reporter: The Colorado sentinel finding Aurora first responders administered ketamine 17 times in 2019. The district attorney called it standard protocol. Use of the drug also facing scrutiny in Minnesota, in 2018 the star tribune finding over a three-year period officers asked for them to be injected with it dozens of times and caused heart or breathing failure requiring them to be revived. Several people given it had to be intubated. A renewed search for answers for Elijah Mcclain. This is a luau party. There was no cause for what they did. There was no reason for them to stop him. Reporter: The officers involved had just recently been put on administrative nonenforcement duties and it's not as a punishment but for the officers' own safety. Okay, T.J., thanks.

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{"duration":"3:33","description":"Thousands of people took to the streets in Aurora, Colorado, demanding answers about the death of the 23-year-old who died after a police encounter last year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71508584","title":"Elijah McClain protest draws thousands in Colorado","url":"/GMA/News/video/elijah-mcclain-protest-draws-thousands-colorado-71508584"}