Emergency order issued for Area 51

Nevada officials are bracing for an invasion at the top-secret site near Las Vegas where UFO are planning to meet for an "alienstock" festival.
3:04 | 08/21/19

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Transcript for Emergency order issued for Area 51
Back now with a new emergency order issued for area 51. Yes, that spot near Las Vegas, famous for extraterrestrial conspiracy theories. Now millions say they're going to visit after a post went viral on Facebook and officials are on alert. Will reeve, what say you? I say that a whole bunch of people are signed up on Facebook to storm area 51 and the organizer of the group said he was joking and he's changed the concept for next month's big event. That's on September 20th but local officials are not taking any chances. Nevada officials are bracing for an invasion at area 51 by humans, the military base 80 miles from Las Vegas has become infamous for conspiracy theories about little green men. They certainly appear to still be covering up what exactly goes on at area 51. If you and I walked in on everything that was being done, I'm sure we would be flabbergasted. Reporter: Home to an alien prisoner in "Independence day" and countless encounters with the X files' agent Mulder. That prove is here. Reporter: Now the hub is front and center thanks to a Facebook group dubbed storm area 51, they can't stop us all attracting more than 2 million fans it quickly went from a joke to no laughing matter. The FBI agents showed up at 10:00 A.M. I was kind of scared at this point but they were super cool. They really just wanted to make sure I wasn't some kind of actual terrorist that's making pipe bombs. Reporter: The air force which denies any alien visitors issued a stern warning saying, quote, any attempt to illegally access military installations or military training areas is dangerous and promised to, quote, defend America and its assets. Creator Matty Roberts stood It's insane. I just created a joke while playing video game, man, and it's taken off like a wild monster. Reporter: Now his wild monster morphed into a vision for a different invasion. Up to 50,000 vest -- festivalgoers. But behind the fences officials are tracking something. Look at that thing, dude. Reporter: The military reporting a spike in reports of unidentified flying objects of the very real variety. Fighter pilots sharing their stories of close encounters in the skies. It's rotating. Reporter: And officials are paying attention. According to "The Washington post," the defense department is spending $22 million on a government program looking into ufos. Look at it climb. That creator Matty Roberts has a disclaimer up on the storm area 51 page saying, hello, U.S. Government, this is a joke. Saying he just wanted some likes on the internet. Nobody is going to storm the base. But that festival alienstock sounds like a lot of phub. You should go and tell us all about it. You know what, I will. Next month I'll go hang out and do it live. Sounds good. Exactly. They're selling out, thousands of people going. Coming up next we have an

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"Nevada officials are bracing for an invasion at the top-secret site near Las Vegas where UFO are planning to meet for an \"alienstock\" festival.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65092950","title":"Emergency order issued for Area 51","url":"/GMA/News/video/emergency-order-issued-area-51-65092950"}