FAA orders new inspections of fan blades after Southwest incident

The agency is giving airlines 20 days to complete the ultrasound checks.
2:15 | 04/21/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for FAA orders new inspections of fan blades after Southwest incident
The FAA issued an emergency directive order. Ordering inspections of hundreds of jet engines like the one that blew apart. On a southwest flight killing a pass and there is a strict deadline Erin forcing the agency is giving airlines just twenty days to complete these ultrasound checks. ABC area Russia is on a story for us from LaGuardia Airport this morning aerial good morning. Good morning Paul Anton that didn't Southwest Airlines flight took off from here less than a week ago. The FAA now with that rare directed pressing airlines to take action. To avoid another tragedy. I mean really. This morning the FC eight ordering airlines to conduct emergency engine inspections after that catastrophic malfunction on a Southwest Airlines flight. Force an emergency landing. Leaving passenger Jennifer Reardon. Dead the urgent directive now requiring operators to inspect 737. Long service engines within twenty days specifically focusing on this same type of fan blades investigators say broke apart on the left engine of southwest flight thirteen eighty. Causing that deadly accident. The FAA zeroing in on engines with more than 30000 takeoffs and landings. CFM international which makes those edges says 352. Engines in the US and 681. Worldwide will be affected ABC news has learned in 2016 and the FAA proposed inspecting 220. Of the heavily used engine. After a similar incident also on the southwest jet that directive never implement it southwest releasing this video showing proactive inspections of its engines ahead of the FAA's announcement the airline telling ABC news overnight its existing maintenance program meets or exceeds all requirements specified by the FAA all of this as the NTSB continues to investigate Tuesday's deadly incident still collecting pieces of the decimated engine. And asking the public to return any additional fragments found. And the NTSB says its investigation could take twelve to fifteen months. In the meantime engine manufacturers say those inspections it happen every two years. Paula Tom. And a lot of passengers on edge all right aerial thanks so much.

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{"id":54630293,"title":"FAA orders new inspections of fan blades after Southwest incident","duration":"2:15","description":"The agency is giving airlines 20 days to complete the ultrasound checks.","url":"/GMA/News/video/faa-orders-inspections-fan-blades-southwest-incident-54630293","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}