A farewell to Ron Claiborne

A look back at 32 years of dedicated service at ABC News as Ron Claiborne retires.
7:03 | 09/16/18

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Transcript for A farewell to Ron Claiborne
car insura 've been dad te hcome, like or not- I'minitely camp O likin itay re to our beloved, truly belove C dr.ron clrne.call him don claibor. He's not actually a doctor. Not yet. We have a lot Ty you in yr R. Before we do, let's look back at your 32 years at ABC news. Good rning. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning to and Paula. Adrienne, Robert. Ron claorn, is retiring. I can't belegend. Glad I got a chance to workou've had an amazing journey. New York City mayor Ed Koch personallypologized to the dancers and soviet plomats. Crew mbers saidhe mine blasted a 15 by 15 foot hole in the right side of the el. The C Americans W him into their heart sai rest America esn't understand the fate that awaits him. He insis if theolice reacted more quily and in greate strength, it still wouldn't havepped thes. V details about Nelson Mandela. This is the sight of the violennflast July that en the death ric garner the ve binning you've been the wise old elephant of this motoup. One that never fts how to anound even better friend. You gave back tung peopled inspiredeople thatid much. Would liktoyou out and help you your jobi may. Hi there. Ey had a fale coach with an all boy sc. That's pretty unusual.they ask F it nicely He was always part of our silly antics, but above the fray. All time calm and cred. We're on . I'mng to missouri laugh. I'm going to miss your enthianything cunary they would pn front ofou. Violi is pfect. Baby! You made me laugh routinely Brit on. Huddy. Alpacas gta eat. Donreak the H D I athe Steve bs culture. You know what I'm saying. I' the jobs ?????? E's attack me. Why is he not like this? Ron was our guiding force. ?????? We're literally right W weta We need to get out of here. We need to escape. I have an idea. Yh. Dan why don't yolunteer to check this out. We have a lot of expeis, right? Not a lot. Thht? It looks right. A tent. Whould have predicted that? I'll Al remember ur amsense of humor. Ron, what's your grade today? Ar gets a B for the "Pop news"? She rambled a little Rbling isth I'll miss you on TV. As a VI we'll misyo whit and wisdom. Your E my E you Dr. N. Best of luck in your next chapter. Ie you, mantulations. I hope you enjoy this next chapter. You deserve it that is the news at this Claiborne. Ron Claiborne. Claiborne. ABC news Los Angeles. That last sho W crowd Ng king at hi school prom that we crashed. Ron,ome great moments there.we have one more message F you. Take a look T do you G? This is derrieter.I wanted say I'm susetos to retire.y your retement. Hopefully see you down the road. E forgot T interview did of the estions I ked him. So good to have Jeter chime in. Of course, I kno could use some N Yanke ar. Always. We got you hat sweat shirt. Ron goes and stays in any wear and stays until the I try. , We want to you. What are you feeling?l. Mazing. A couple things I wanted to say. Israel -- I thought about T there waseraman years ago who told me don't let anver make youbad most webut some Y I tried to D best, tried to do the very best to dmy best wi that Stor Yes. What we're doing is a service to the public. We mt always Gour best T our dience to the people who watch these shows. The otheing I Leard from bes 4 years -- you guys probably don't started F as a straight-laced reporter inghe M there, was that time and stbe true to T principals of our profession. Working wi guys has be fantasti I'll miss you. Y you'l M me a little bit. We'll miss you. Seeor baseball, Thate enjoy together. You have a combination of book smarts and streear I've never seen. 'Ld er. Not at 8:00 A.M. I'm sad ou they stop me on the street all the time and say is Ron as cool as he seems. Good parties for you. You say it's like yul jazzed while you're still alive. Indume. I have a picture I want to show that sums up Ron claib. This wasaken at tab audio. I shoulhaurned that phot This sums up the goof and fielligence D deep compassi you have R a lot of served.ver the place. You Ari'll miss U deeply. It's bn an honoro spend weekends with you. I wish you a long retirement of cold and yanks You're the best. Jamie Lee Curtis, plus cohost

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{"duration":"7:03","description":"A look back at 32 years of dedicated service at ABC News as Ron Claiborne retires.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57857483","title":"A farewell to Ron Claiborne","url":"/GMA/News/video/farewell-ron-claiborne-57857483"}