Florence poses major new flooding threat

The storm, now a tropical depression, has been blamed for 13 deaths in the Carolinas, with more catastrophic flooding is expected.
3:20 | 09/16/18

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Transcript for Florence poses major new flooding threat
Rob, thanu very muc with the waters rising W seeingome incredible heroism from firpod good sari samblingo RESE people D B the floods. The those strd. Many roas interstates impassabl Amy robach is in wilmingto T destruction of this powerful srm. Good morning, Amy. Good mornindrienne. We're ei a more destructnnce as we made our way aroundilmington. Downed trees like this one here behind me are a common sight scattered roughout T area the flood wa Rd surrounding towns, enveloping towns. Rescuers out and about today tryio save thoedelp. Reporte overnight tcaorm Florence spreading inland after ravaging the CARA tline. The destruction apparent. Pped from the beaches. While boatsing into front yas. This morninghat monster storm to 13. Stay off the roadinost rts of thetate of north Carolina. Don'make yourself someone who needs to B Reporr:ed rising 100sturday. In the air the United States coast guseen here Ving a mother and a baby, making helicopt over the still rising waters. Others taking boats door to door looking for those who need help evstse pets.oirl I can't WWAY forced to go O the air during a tornado warning. Nearly 700 ris a ow process. Doed power lines ads and neighborhood. LE harrisnty who rode out storm scrambling. This V captured T and observer shows a mob of residents ING theiy. Overnight officials telling ABC news the worstoding is yet come. It will produce catastrophic flooding parts of nor and soutliometime. Reporter: Families returning home to find devason. Everything is soaking wet. This morning id I'm tting back the house we odd -- walked this thing chest deep, H hands and de it T the house. Reporte cgeaid E's gratef svacuated. That is my room where I would haven D have beekilled probably if I would have stayed. Eporter: Gernment officials contain to warn SNW concerned E floodingill move inland. We need to get ready to take action we said this for the past several days. We need people toe this ously. Here in Wilmington another concern, looting.ing incident in the dollar STO several arrests were made. As a result Ty officia have expanded a curfew for all reside 5:00 pto hey're growhere in noh Na. Thank you so much, Amy, for Ty check. Nothing to Tak withlorence sing on tf

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"The storm, now a tropical depression, has been blamed for 13 deaths in the Carolinas, with more catastrophic flooding is expected. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57857409","title":"Florence poses major new flooding threat","url":"/GMA/News/video/florence-poses-major-flooding-threat-57857409"}