Full Senate vote on Supreme Court nominee delayed

Sen. Flake reverses course, saying the FBI needs to investigate sexual assault claims against Brett Kavanaugh.
5:08 | 09/29/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Full Senate vote on Supreme Court nominee delayed
T're with the ad-spinning developments in the vicious, vicious fight over supremertnominee brt Kavanah. Tatest twis a stunnin reversaly Republican senate Jeff flake saying be he can vote to confirvanaugh, ha one-weekel to allow for anbi investition into ons of sex ult. Boy, a been wild, flake's turnar it came shortly after this extraordinary encor. Itas all captuon live . Two women, survivors of sexual assault, cnering a speechless D M assaults. And thisning the esident has now ordered that one-week F investigaon but so many quons remain. What will they fand will as be satisfied? Senator Chris coons is standing by. We're ING to talk to him live in jt moments. First, tugh, we ha team coverageta a N on capitol hill. Reporte gg, guys.whordinary delopments these have been and what they've do irett kavangh's eme court nomination into rmoil but aliven him a chve his name cleared byanpened in most dramac fashionute in th judiciy E E two ics confrontsenator and that senator and talked to other nators aid shing we don't see much washingtonhese days. Ey compromised. Mer announcg support for judge Kavanaugh, seff flake was in an eletor on capitol hill by two tearful women. You're teg me that assat doesn't tter. That happened to D matter and that you're going to T people whothese thin into pow thathaelling me when Y vote for M. What you doing is allowing someone whoctually violed a womano sit in T supreme court. This inoe. R: The sexual assault ivors, Ana MARIA Archila and maa imploring the re senator fm Arizona to takand. I need O to the hri I Ju issued a Sten I'll be saying more as well. Reporter: After that drama playedutv, committee repuicager to get Busi There's simply no reason to deny judge kavanau the suemon the basis nce present to us. Reporter: As some Democrats walk out in prt, others refuse back down on their calls for the FBI to invga thsexual alt allegatio agaiugh. It if we want to show Dr. Ford respect, we givher the reec having her case heard thevidence lke Rorter: 30 nu another pl, this timfrom flake's E E, Delaware Democrat Chris coons. Thimmittee hafa Reporter: A short time R flake motions to coons and the senatorsve the roo when T two hours late fed a last-minute bipartisan bombshell. Says he'lvote yes on ly if the fb alwed to invte first. I have been speaking a number of ople on thother side, and I think it would be per to lay R vote for up to but not more than one week. Ror the unexpected twist putting pressure on Republicans. Flakvoial in confirming Kavanaugh, after afternoon of negoions th flake and Sr republicrs, majoritytc Mcconnell emerging onto the senaloor last GHT claimingis party. 100% can ce supports proceeding to the Kavanaugh nomion. Reportehe nominatn move for towards ae, but the FBI also has been given one week to investigate the S friend, mark judge, has agreed operate witlaw enforcent. Kanaugh's accuser Christine asey Ford Hage was eyewitness en ley assaulteher at a high soo the 1980s. Both Brett and were drunkenly laughing during the attack. They seeto be have a very good time. Repr: K H vehemely denied all the gations against him. Dr. Christine bl Ford released a statement la nightgh her lawyers Ying shewelcomes an FBI inigation as E did during her sworn testimony. She doesn't think there should anyicial limit imposed as to time or scope thisnvestigation. Guys. Terry, speaking oat ve posed to be limitedscope and me. Only Dr. Ford's allegations or also the algahe two other women who have made claims against Kavanaugh? Reporter: Well, one thing is clear. It'll be one week, so it'll be mited ine eek. That's what the deal is. As tope, the jic comm they want limit it to credible allegations. Senator flake said current alletions. Cinhe ansom thatould delay and nd this, bt seems right W that it ulord's on, deboraramirez's alonhaps not Jie swetnillegation. Guys. Ll of th beetned. Yeah. All rig. Terry, thank you. But regardless where Y fall the, it wa nice to see two senators case.

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{"duration":"5:08","description":"Sen. Flake reverses course, saying the FBI needs to investigate sexual assault claims against Brett Kavanaugh.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58169317","title":"Full Senate vote on Supreme Court nominee delayed","url":"/GMA/News/video/full-senate-vote-supreme-court-nominee-delayed-58169317"}