Hurricane Barry slams Louisiana

The first Atlantic hurricane of the season brings heavy winds, storm surge, rain and severe flooding dangers.
4:41 | 07/14/19

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Transcript for Hurricane Barry slams Louisiana
news, the gulf cost under water. Tropical storm Barry crawling north through the state of Louisiana right now, bringing torrential rain. And the potential for life-threatening flash flooding. This is not your usual hurricane story. You're looking at an area near where the eye of the storm came ashore as a category 1 hurricane. The danger is from all that rain, there's up to a foot more to come here as locals brace for those dangerous floods. Overnight, rescues under way. Crews in this helicopter airlifting 12 people and 2 pets. We have team coverage right now. Let's straight to rob who kicks things off for us from new Orleans. Good morning to you, rob. Reporter: Hey, good morning to you, Eva. Here it is, the biggest by-product of Barry, and that's the rain falling here in new Orleans. It took its sweet time getting here. But now the impacts of this storm are going to last a lot longer. This morning, Louisiana feeling the brunt of wind and rain. Watch as this plane hangar gets blown away. Up to 7 feet of storm surge inundating homes. People wading through floodwaters and cars left stranded. This storm still has a long way to go before it leaves the state. Reporter: The coast guard air lifting civilians to safety. Rescuing 12 people so far. Levees struggling and some failing to hold back Barry's unrelenting push of water. Look at the storm surge here on lake pontchartrain. Huge waves on top of a five-foot, six-foot surge. South winds pushing water deep into this neighborhood. Vicious winds tearing through communities across the state. Blowing this roof onto a parked car, overturning an rv. Trees collapsing on to homes. She was sleeping, and when she heard it, she knew it was her house. Everything shook. I think the neighbor's house shook. Reporter: And hundreds of thousands left without power. Local officials urging caution. We're urging residents to shelter in place or to make any decisions to move to our open shelters now. What's your mindset now? A couple of days of heavy rains in New Orleans. Mother nature is unpredictable. Reporter: Early Saturday afternoon that Barry made landfall as a hurricane. Now this slow-moving tropical storm set to dump flooding rain across the south. The center of Barry not even close to being out of the state of Louisiana. Just west of Alexandria, south of Shreveport and that moisture stream extends back to the upper Texas coastline. Flood watches do extend all the way into Missouri and southern Louisiana, tropical storm warnings as well. They're still up for especially south-facing shores because of this southerly wind will continue to push that water up and storm surges will still be an issue. Here's the track of it, up into Arkansas slowly. The rain bands through Memphis and into the Ohio river valle and reset things tomorrow with heavy tropical rains potentially from Lake Charles toward baton Rouge and then streaming up the mid-mississippi valley right on through tomorrow night. Tremendous amount of rain there tomorrow. Heavy rain across the deep south. Could see a foot of it. The question is, will the bayous be able the hold it? Thank you, rob. Let's go further inland, to Alex Perez in Baton Rouge where major flooding is a concern. Good morning, Alex. Reporter: It's been a soggy 24 hours here in Baton Rouge, the on-again/off-again rain has essentially not stopped since it started. The storm has already toppled trees and utility poles. Lot of people have spent the last day stuck in their homes following that directive from authorities to shelter in place. And here's the bad news, we're not in the clear just yet. This storm is not over, it's lingering, and flooding is still a major, big, big concern here. We'll have to follow this storm, watch it closely for at least the next 24 hours. Eva. All right, thanks, Alex. We'll have more on Barry in just a few minutes including a live report from Morgan city.

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{"duration":"4:41","description":"The first Atlantic hurricane of the season brings heavy winds, storm surge, rain and severe flooding dangers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64326947","title":"Hurricane Barry slams Louisiana","url":"/GMA/News/video/hurricane-barry-slams-louisiana-64326947"}